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If you wonder why and what it all means, you have a spiritual life.

Bridging Earths in Multiverse

Rainbow Gravity

In order to harness what could be called an entanglement engine, a sort of breeder reactor for quantum force, they wound up inducing a spacial inversion which shunts everything in that space into a parallel resonance band. Think of strings on a guitar. If you pluck just one, those next to it will still resonate and with a slightly different tone. But moving along the zero point axis as this is a three dimensional space functionally (it is more complicated but will serve our purposes)… Shunting along the zero point axis, you arrive at an earth exhibiting a different temporal polarization.

Time is a sort of magnetism, metaphorically speaking, this is why it seems to flow in a linear direction for us. That polarization is not fixed or uniform across the multiverse, even between parallel earths, so you can encounter inverted temporal poles, or even the equivalent of a superconductive space in its relationships to temporal energy. The superconductive space would seem atemporal, suspended in time, and they serve as multiversal gravity wells so to speak. If we lose our place here, we are drawn there until we exit on another trajectory.

If you could physically enter the so called afterlife, it would seem perhaps quite mundane, like earth, but also perhaps quite complex by comparison as it has contact with all the surrounding time strings. Technology has no meaning in those worlds, no limit. Think, perhaps, of the Q from Star Trek. What they are capable of is quite natural, still obeys universal laws, but looks very supernatural to anyone not of the Q.

If you have read some of the descriptions of the Buddha, the being described is down right alien to use a modern idea, more frog like than human. It is actually very old lore. This Buddha being described is actually an Agarthan. They are decidedly frog like.

No fixed essence? No gaps – anywhere? No.

KifFrog like in what way? Smooth skin, webbed digits, bulgy eyes.

Like Kif in Futurama. I don’t know Kif, but many modern fantasy and sci fi concepts were drawn from really old accounts, only very loosely, and even were hermaphroditic like some species of frog displaying in our world.

So is Kif. He gave birth. Amy was his smizmar. Sort of like mate. I recall now.

So bridging… It’s a complex affair, produces a corona like effect, and is a very high energy phenomenon especially when naturally occurring or poorly controlled. This is why UFO sightings are always so colourful. It’s not intentional. It’s a side effect of the necessary resonance, and even those beings that require no technological supports still generally display a dangerously intense aura at the time of crossing. Early stage resonance produces a time distortion around the individual. Many Buddhas were reported to display this. The legendary Merlin also did. Really, there were countless examples. It potentially lead to what seemed like life extension. The Chinese tradition of the immortals would be an example. The immortals being men and women who achieved powerful resonance with the Tao.

Most earth exploration is astral, for lack of a better term, psychic projection. Some of the less principled people are not above using native organisms as robotic probes. This is also why dramatic cases of possession are rare. It’s unintentional. The brain of the host breaking under the stress of such an invasive procedure, even subconsciously trying to identify with what they imagine the invasive presence to be. The multi-lingual phenomenon is a manifestation of the explorers technology. One of the things they are attempting to study while here. It’s not meant to bleed into the human brain, and certainly not for playback.

Like someone reciting programming code? That would be an example, yes, though the code wouldn’t be easily translated. The primary reason for that is multiversal mathematics utilizes too many degrees of freedom.

I heard a story of a cop being called to a scene. A girl at the party started talking in tongues, and the other people were freaked because it wasn’t her voice. She was just crying saying she didn’t remember anything. And she wouldn’t. The primary broadcast framework involves the hippo-campus. It can’t form new memories in the brain if the hippo-campus is being co-opted for psychic broadcast like an organic satellite dish. The human brain makes a wonderful organic computer for those who know how to use it, and there are unfortunately too many beings more than willing to use it as such. They consider humans themselves to be barely sentient if they credit them with even that. To some beings, you are yogurt, to be cultured and stimulated and cross bred in interesting ways, and then tapped for energy as they desire.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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