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What is Advice? in Advice


Today’s subject is well … subjective, so I will ask, what is advice?

Instructions people give you when they think they are helping you with a problem.

Trying to give someone helpful information.

Sharing of information or opinion.

What does advice do? What impact does it have?

Well, it either gives you a new way to look at the problem or it doesn’t.

It encourages us to do the opposite or guides action.

The impact depends on if you asked for the advice or not.

Why is advice so prevalent? Second Life is where I learned a lot of tech speak relating to computer malfunction.

We have a tendency to want to share our knowledge.

Yes, sharing knowledge that’s a good one too, can be fun or annoying.

It’s easier to see where other people are going wrong, or at least we think it is, and we want to help.

So how well is advice received?

Advice is rarely received well.

People often take it as criticism.

Why is this?

People are naturally defensive. We all get picked on as a kid.

It can sound like a judgment.

I guess we see ourselves as failed when we need it?

Why are people naturally defensive?

Because we are in that toddler state of “mine.” We want to do things ourselves. We want independence.

We don’t want to be wrong.

Ok, well now I will begin…

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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