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Earth Time Space in Multiverse

Rainbow Gravity

Lateral distribution, the integrity of our planet and space time, is not self supporting. Our earth is sustained by horizontal echoes, resonate dimensional strings that line up well with our own earth but still display sensitivity to influences we are not in direct contact with ourselves. Long story short, earth wasn’t the only planet possible in this time space. Others had the potential to emerge. One example being the exoplanet we call in our legends Agartha, the hollow earth. Our own earth itself isn’t hollow and Agartha has no surface life itself. It’s all evolved from subterranean organisms.

Some of our own native organisms migrated there through spacial soft spots beneath the oceans surface. They’re more common there, both because it’s the greater portion of our landmass, and because of the refractory behaviour of energy in general in the seas. It’s why life on earth began there.

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How is the energy more refractory in the seas? The sea’s electrochemical structure forms a complex quantum mass, not merely a physical fluid but a quantum super-fluid as well. This is why predicting our sense and atmospheres behaviour is so difficult. It’s obeying influences humans haven’t identified yet. Solar magnetism related to sun spots is comparatively weak in relation. That and earth’s own electromagnetic broadcasts are much more complex than we are presently tracking.

Early human energy technologies has a frustrating side effect. As they began to tap into spacial resonance, they failed to adjust for native environmental influences, tidal, ionic. Tesla might have been able to help, but this was millennia before his time.

Tesla? Nikola Tesla who advanced a theory that there is neither matter nor energy beyond the medium of space. Energy and matter being apparent when you have a sufficient concentration of space time. It would explain why we have matter which the standard model fails to explain. If matter is an emergent trait of space time, then matter/antimatter cancellation would be irrelevant. They would not be free to interact in an unrestricted manner.

So, there are “vacuums” in which no space-time exists? Actually, there are no vacuums. There are sub spaces, hyperspaces if you prefer, places influenced by the equivalent of tidal influences flowing through everything we would consider a regular time space. Sort of a connective tissue produced entirely by temporal spacial resonance.

When you said early human energy technologies, what era were you talking about? Well, resonance was quickly discovered. Early in earth’s history the atmosphere was electromagnetically much more active, and the human brain and nervous system received and responded to much more input. It’s something discussed a little bit in electrical cosmology theory, but yes, early humans perceived the behaviour of different crystalline formations in a way we don’t naturally do now. We are beginning to recover a little bit of their insight in our current explorations into nanotechnology.

So like 30K years ago? 100K? A bit more than 30K years, but recursions did occur, sometimes even accidental. Shamans were thinking more naturalistically than the technologists were, but the resonance patterns still had an effect.

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