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Rainbow Gravity Theory in Multiverse

Rainbow Gravity

Today’s subject centres around a theory of rainbow gravity. It has critics but I don’t understand the naysayers. They claim to have proven that space time does warp in the presence of a mass like our earth, and none would deny that matter equals energy, just condensed over a certain amount of space. They were even able to detect and examine a phenomenon called gravitational lensing, but mainstream science is still resistant to the notion of rainbow gravity.

In rainbow gravity theory, at a macroscopic scale light is diverted over different paths through space. This difference arising from the different energy states of the various frequencies. Higher energy light goes along one path, lower energy light along a different one.

What this would mean to our observations, and they are anticipating being able to test this soon, is the old notion that all the light we are seeing from one source is the same age. This is not literally true, and we will instead be seeing some of the light a bit earlier than other emissions from the same source. We might be getting ultraviolet emissions faster than the more typically observed infra-red. Now what this means about the structure of our universe, and I am going to take this in my own direction now…

A complimentary theory to rainbow gravity would be relative locality, that the apparent objective coordinates of an event only appear to occur in the same space and time to mutually local observers. If we are both standing on earth, then something in a different reach of space will appear to occur in the same space and at the same time, but if you were on earth and I was on a satellite around alpha centauri, our observations would not match and I will give the event different relative coordinates than you did on earth. We have proven some of this even in a down to earth normal scale. If you take a clock on a jet-craft and travel to the other side of the planet, you will lose a little relative time though your clock didn’t cease functioning normally.

Now energy broadcasts over space through time, each differing in it’s own space time according to it’s relative energy. Higher energy = denser mass thus more time space distortion. This would not lead to a single time space continuum, it would instead form a layered structure. Coexisting time space bands, phase spaces. We would perceive other energies to be occurring in our time space due to the relative locality effect. Stated more simply, the universe has big gaps, holes, but we don’t detect them due to a gravitic lensing.

So areas around planets get more time squeezed into it than in the void of space? The structure of time space didn’t smear out over time, which is how things are currently being viewed. This time space warping is more or less universal for lack of better descriptive terms to use.

The topology of planets bending space could also be a map of time where the deeper valleys have time sped up. Indeed, they have already measured gravitic variance across our planets surface. You can’t have differing gravity without also having differing time space structure. Perhaps the origin of concepts like ley lines?

So just going into space would make you seem to live longer. Yes.

Is the space we’re living in ‘banded’ with other universes in the bands, and it just appears contiguous in our space of gravity? Yes.

Perhaps that’s where stories of fairy abductions return the person after such a long time but they haven’t aged. Yes, temporal/spacial differential complicating matters.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
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