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There is much truth behind jokes. The joke of the divine trickster is that he’s serious.

Oneiroi In Dreams in Spirits

Now dreams, they are actually holographic. This is why the oneiroi often show up to us as such strange characters, even abstract forms. People do things like fall from tall places in dreams because part of their mind understands that is a space they could enter. Most likely they were even asked to enter, but the shift of awareness necessary to enter that non-local state of perception just gives us the sense of being lost in empty space, and then we imagine falling. It seems very strange to them.

The dream has perceptual mirage like effects, things that just appear to be a way simply because that is what we expect to see.

Even our mind can’t escape gravity? Not in its normal state of mind, but the crevasses you’re jumping over? Those also show up as a chess board and canals.

Like the dream where we can’t get our legs to move? Yes. The illusion of bodily form slips a bit. You actually don’t need that image to function in dream, but people generally can’t shake off the weight of their brains. The influence their brains exert on their mind.

Is there a lizard man? Yes. He is one of our ancestors. Everyone familiar with morphic field theory? Well, it’s sort of like information theory applied to matter. Science without the morphic field theory explains the mechanics of matter but not why it takes some forms over others, which it gives rise to emergent patterns consistently. It’s like matter itself has a memory.

Well, to apply this to the topic of oneiroi, our physical and psychic forms take their shape from pre-existing forms, and in the dream, what those forms could have become they did become. So the lizard did become a man like being, as the fossil record shows raptors having been moving toward, bipedal locomotion, bigger brains and opposable thumbs.

Is this the same lizard man that is in petroglyphs? It is, yes.

I ponder inter-species communication. It is written into the dream. The channel for interspecies communication is right there.

Extended minds. Shared dreams. Yes. We dream of schools of fish for a reason, and large sea creatures we can’t see.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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