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There isn’t a war. There is no war in spirit. There are those who are the agents of spirits wrath, and those who are the supporters of spirits peace, and they are not divided.

Oneiroi Spirits: Part 2 in Spirits

Is one of the spirits a hooded figure? Actually, there are a number of hooded figures amongst the oneiroi. Color of the hood?

All black, no gender, speechless. Morpheus. Stands over me menacing. Deals with self-image issues. When he takes an interest you become hyper aware of your own sense of identity and how your habits may be threatening it.

The visitation is a sort of wake-up call? Yes. For the oneiroi this is just housekeeping, and you are the house.

One of the most terrying dreams I’ve had. I had it twice. Both times I was pregnant. I dreamed I was awake (I HATE that). He/she stood over me. Hmm, did he have a white cord?

I felt physically threatened by it although it said nothing and did nothing. I don’t recall a cord. Well, either you are psychic or perhaps the children are. He finds psychics disturbing, but his behaviour, as creepy as it is, does stay away from the criminal.

Morpheus? Yes, Morpheus.

But if the dream is shared, we are all psychics at some level. We are indeed all psychics. He is just the janitor.

This explains the bad dreams children have. They haven’t learned to filter them I expect? They are still functioning from a hybrid form of primary consciousness.

The oneiroi (that’s the plural, oneiros is singular) are beings that arise not from the thoughts and tendencies of any one being or specific set of beings, they arise from the behaviour of mind itself.

You can see Morpheus interacting with a cat when they lay stock still while stretched out. He prefers to keep everything orderly, and you can see the touch of the White Serpent on the same cat, where they wake all of a sudden for no reason and go hide only to return a moment later, and the few I have mentioned are not the only ones. Text is the manifestation of a specific oneiroi. Many events in dream have nothing to do with the oneiroi though.

I think that the drug morphine was named after Morpheus. It was indeed, and makes people feel uncomfortably indifferent to everything. The habit of falling from towers is a human behaviour the oneiroi find puzzling. They even interrupt it from time to time. Ever experience that?

In a dream? Yes. I had one in which I was crossing a bunch of crevasses and was jumping over each one and then missed and fell.

Yes. All the time. Not towers specifically, just high places.

I have had jumping dreams too.

Yes. They are all basically the same construct, and mostly Grandmother Nox steps in. Things go dark and then you find yourself in some house looking for your shoes or something.


The Starry Night (Van Gogh)

I was wondering what would happen if I hit the bottom, and then I did, and I bounced to the other side and woke up laughing. That’s the Zephyr. He’s a joker, and playful. He’s the origin of Puck, especially likes trees, hangs people from them, not literally, just involves hitting a tree harmlessly or being stuck in a tree and bemused by it, tripping on roots to no harm.

When does he show up? Oh, the Zephyr shows up when someone wants to free themselves creatively. Shows up dancing in the painting “The Starry Night”, but also shows up in “The Scream.” He’s not judgemental, and can’t understand why people take things so seriously. Often shows up at the tail end of a nightmare as a laughing voice. He’s not mocking anyone, just confused and bemused, still hasn’t figured those things out and really can’t.

There really is a profound sort of humor in existence itself. They are their thoughts.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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