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People call illusion reality, and refute the real as illusion.

Pleasure At Being Alive in Joy


Pleasure at being alive. What is that like? Anyone want to share?

Calm. Open. Balance. Peace, security. Excellent. I have envied these things. I did for a very long time. Anything else?

A feeling that everything is right in the world at that moment. That there is nothing to fear. Freedom. Wonderful. I see all of these things from their mirrored points. I do know why you value them, and I did for the longest time try to share in them, but this is not my path and I no longer despair. That was me finding my joy. When I stopped looking for “the joy of life”, I could experience the joy of my life.

You get to experience this life in a way few others do. Do you think you chose this path before you were incarnated in this life? In a sense, yes. The soul is not a nebulous entity to my belief. I believe you are the beneficiary of an inheritance. A lineage of sorts.

People get greedy when it comes to inheritance. Being greedy with the gifts of powers as expansive as to be Godlike is just absurd. When an infinite being gives a portion of itself to you, how can you hog it all? But there is no single being of this nature. They are the beings. The source and root of being. They are not individuals, but they give rise to individuals. There is no such thing as a children of a lesser God.

So the soul gets recycled? The soul was never cycled to begin with, but in a sense, yes. The soul is expressed across a whole dimension of being and these dimensions intermesh. All expression is now. This is why the trap of time is such a problem. It’s like trying to apply cartoon logic to your physical experience. You will not manage to get across a ravine if you just keep running, and you will not find your way in life by looking for a future state, place, or object. Run into the open air over a ravine and you will fall. Deny your state of being as it is now and you will be lost.

It’s true. If you believe joy is in the future, it always will be. The problem is people are imaginative. The real problem behind that is they are not imaginative enough. You, in any given day, imagine countless things. How many things do you judge?

Far too many. Imagine going for a long ride, but then say you don’t have enough time or you can’t afford the gas. Imagine eating a tasty cookie, but then judge that you can’t because you don’t want to get fat. The list is endless.

The edited life. And here is the problem. You edit out your own spirit. You edit out your own heart, your own joy. That phrase “eat your heart out” said when you expect someone to be jealous, you are jealous of yourself. If you can’t have yourself, you have decided no one else can.

You end up doing more of the things you think you can’t do out of guilt. You think you have to be punished. Eating so much that you get sick for instance. True. Rebellion can become its own form of slavery as well. When will and imagination are in opposition, guess which wins?

For me, it’s imagination. It’s your imagination that always wins. For everyone it is. Now your imagination behaves in really bizarre ways. Paranoia is negative imagination. It is still imagination, but your imagination has become deranged because it’s lost its center. The vessel has gone wild because the pilot isn’t at the helm.

And imagination is your intuition? It is, yes. The reason imagination and intuition are more or less the same is that you cannot imagine anything that has no basis in existence at all.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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