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There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

Joy In Action in Joy


One of my friends wrote a poem called “Worrying Works” about how the things he worries about never happen. Worrying does work. The things you wish for never happen either. The imagination has lost its intuitive clarity in most people. Why is that?

Because everyone expects you to have facts to back everything up? Facts. You mean those weird little disturbances in your eyes and ears?

Because people lie. You can’t trust what they say to be true, because people lie. You can trust what they say to be true. They always lie about things they perceive. They always slant reports the way they feel they should be seen. They play with their hand right out on the table while they cover their eyes and tell you that you can’t see them.

So, what can’t you trust? Delusion arises from distrust.

Only what you don’t know? Exactly.

That things will stay the same. Things will stay exactly the same, and that is they will remain ever changing.

Is trust in what you don’t know a theory? Actually, no. That’s called faith, but not blind faith. The opposite. Trust that when you wake, your eyes see, your ears hear. Trust that when you sleep, this does not change. Trust that you actually exist and that your life isn’t a big lie. It’s not your life that is the lie. It’s the ideas about life. Do you have to know why you like chocolate cookies?

Nope. It spoils the magic to know why or to even care why. It actually just spoils your digestion. The magic is there either way. You either use it for joy or you use it for deception, but it’s you who is using it.

Over indulgence is the deception? Yes, exactly.

Not listening to your limit, then it gets to be addictive? The limit exists only for one reason. You have only so much time and you have countless things to experience. You don’t have to have a list of dangers.

Cookies don’t taste as good if I have them every day. As a treat they are amazing. Variety is the spice of life. Very true. You have a variety of equally important needs. You don’t have to deny yourself cookies. You have to allow yourself a hug.

Exercise becomes a chore if I do it as a routine. Routines are pointless. Medicine says if you get some sort of aerobic exercise about twice a weak, you will be ok.

The key is to find an activity you enjoy, so it doesn’t feel like work. Yes. You don’t have to make anything sterile.

That’s why games were invented. That is why. The person who sits and insists that they don’t want to move or do anything is not expressing a liking of inactivity. He is expressing a disdain of experience. It’s a very passive aggressive form of hate.

A gym teacher needed an indoor exercise for his kids during rainy days so he invented basketball. You can even play the game of inventing games. It can be amusing to play something that doesn’t work.

I was wondering the other day why adults give up skipping. There is no reason not to, just go in for a meal after.

My boyfriend and I skipped down the street and people loved it. They were laughing in a good way. That is joy in action. It’s not hard to reach joy. It just takes recognition. I play with my wife in every way I can think of. It’s a necessary balance to her passion for work. She gets so focused as to give herself a headache, and well, skipping if you want to pursue it could be good spiritual practice. Just don’t get stuck in any one thing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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