'Joy' Chapter


Life does its best to show you how to live it, but people most often are too busy doing other things. Joy is not the pursuit of happiness. It’s the recognition of love. If you pursue happiness, you will not know joy. Joy isn’t something you can have. It’s something that you live.

You experience joy to the degree that you are on the path of your heart. The person who experiences joy is at home no matter what they are doing or where they are at. It’s never farther away than this moment. It’s never farther away then stopping for just a moment and remembering to breath.

“Joy is not in things; it is in us” Richard Wagner (German dramatic Composer and theorist, 1813-1883)

“Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world. We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.” Joseph Campbell (American prolific Author, Editor, Philosopher and Teacher, 1904-1987)

Experience Of Joy

What is joy? What is sorrow? These two things seem to mark all meaningful moments in our lives. All the most meaningful that is. How often do we experience joy? Daily to some degree. The same with sorrow. My moods… Seek More

Path Of Your Heart

Joy. How many “Joy of” books have been printed? It’s become old hat, and there have been more than a few “Joy of” titled TV shows. As silly as it sounds, it’s actually not silly. You experience joy to the… Seek More

Recognition Of Love

Has anyone made figured out their life yet? What is that? To figure out the life? This is a good question. To believe you understand everything about your life and the world you live it in. I think some people… Seek More

Pleasure At Being Alive

Pleasure at being alive. What is that like? Anyone want to share? Calm. Open. Balance. Peace, security. Excellent. I have envied these things. I did for a very long time. Anything else? A feeling that everything is right in the… Seek More

Joy In Action

One of my friends wrote a poem called “Worrying Works” about how the things he worries about never happen. Worrying does work. The things you wish for never happen either. The imagination has lost its intuitive clarity in most people.… Seek More

Joy Of Sex

I stopped jumping rope when I started growing into a busty woman. It’s hard to find a strong enough sports bra for skipping. Puberty took a lot of joy from being a kid away. How you and your parents and… Seek More

Embrace Objective Life

When you asked what thing we do despite social pressure, I was thinking, “Looking at/flirting with girls.” Yes. If you must start somewhere, start with the most readily available to experience. That isn’t shameful. It’s wise. People forget that they… Seek More