Perception is internal, regardless of it seeming to have no causative connection. People try manifesting but change a surface thought and not any element of their world view. Then the world view snaps back in, and they say manifestation isn’t possible.

Powers of the World in Demonolatry


The question for a demonolater is not how to please God, or even how to please themselves either, not necessarily. Demonolatry is primarily Gnostic, seeking to understand the divine in the self, as well as reaching out to the divine in the world. They aren’t just looking to grab power though it’s not something “demonized” either. If through deeper understanding they manifest greater power, that’s just a perk.

But they are focused on demons in this mindset? Actually no, they are not focused on demons.

Applied theurgy using the unauthorized (i.e. Demons)? Indeed.

Similar to the Yezidi people of the middle east, demons are seen as the powers of the world itself.

So basically any type of unauthorized magic? No. To explain, everything that happens, literally everything, has an agent behind it. Not necessarily an intelligence as we understand it though intelligence and consciousness is in fact the rule rather than the exception. In a sense, it could be seen as an artificial intelligence though in fact it’s every bit as natural as our own. These intelligence’s embody the constructive code of the divine creative force.

We did an Applied Theurgy class on Asteroth, so that would be demonolatry? Yes, another example would be Eros, the Greek herald of love was a demon, and there were many others.

Now each of these intelligences has been busy doing their thing since day one. In fact, the behaviour of the various aspects of life and reality would be said to reflect the personality of the respective demons. They aren’t god anymore than you personally are god. They act in some ways much like we do, seeking self preservation, promoting self interest. Similar to the concept of a quantum demon, their actions just promote the order and stability in the world, even to the point of guardian demons acting to oversee individuals, little shadow echoes of the event that brought you into this world in the first place and often acts to preserve you despite your own personal recklessness.

How would I know if I had a guardian demon? You exist, is how you would know. But another way to know… Have you noticed it seems like something is keeping tabs on you? Like there is some small intelligence that just seems to have an interest in watching life according to you?

Yes, sometimes. I just thought that was the NSA. Actually, it would be watching them as well. It doesn’t interfere unless it has to. It’s existence is tied into the imprint you create in your presence and actions in the world. So to interfere with you too much would jeopardize it’s own well being. Similar to the concept of animism, your guardian demon would be thought of as meta-self. It could be said to be the reason your brain seems so capable of acting without your say so, triggering instincts like a will to live, sometimes even when the person attempted suicide. Does this illustrate clearly how you could know if you have a guardian demon?


We live in a world that has a lot of lag in consciousness, conscious processing. Scientists have even clocked that lag time, but consciousness itself has no such limitation as does the human brain. The medium and the message are very different things, so as much as it may seem like the world is insensate, unaware, unresponsive, however you want to describe it, embodied in the world itself, keeping reality stable and life processes ongoing, you have what could be called the greater demons. They don’t actually have a hierarchy. They aren’t even united in views or purpose.

So demons are like high-frequency traders inserting themselves between the mind and the brain? In a sense yes, but they were already there to start with, and they are embedded in every process, every pattern of quantum entanglement, every high order system. Recently and somewhat to my surprise, a group of scientists are advancing the notion that seeming random and uncontrollable systems are not that way at all, that all that is necessary is to find the key control point and everything else would fall into order. They even have evidence of this recently in a nanoparticle experiment. They did the impossible, reversed the second law of thermo-dynamics, witnessed something move from a more disordered state back to an ordered state.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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