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The system of ‘should’ doesn’t seem to have anyone who’s knowingly in charge. It’s sort of like a mental virus. Choice is power. Should is force and static.

Real Demons in Inner Demons

Inner Demons

Whenever there is a “demonic” sighting they dismiss it as mass hysteria, and they are right in a sense. Mass hysteria is a great deal of stressful psychic energy, and this has been proven even scientifically.

In patches of desert with heavy quartz and granite deposits many reported “hallucinations.” In the presence of intense energy people can be stimulated in a way they are unaccustomed to. Depending on their tolerance, the stress can become distress, and the weird sense of presence gets perceived as threatening, and the person may even hallucinate a frightening “monster”.

If the presence is just a hallucination (and from time to time this does hold true), why wouldn’t they all see a different thing? Why would there be any coherence in their story? One person might reasonably have a predisposition to hallucinate, but more than one? At the same time?

Can you give any examples of mass hysteria? Any that have happened recently? Oh, the last big wallstreet crash, the Cuban missile crisis, to a lesser degree the avian flu and swine flu scares, 9-11. They are actually pretty common, and just have to be scary in general to people.

So the worry creates the demons? No. It can link people.  That it can. As they say about great (or in this case perhaps low) minds think alike? So in this case, they may create a group inner demon, and it tends to stay with that group, but sometimes the stress isn’t mass hysteria.  Not to start with.  Or if an appearance happens during it’s because people are so alerted that the energy they are projecting picks up on something that’s really there, and of course in human xenophobia it becomes a demon. It likely was just a watcher.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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