'Inner Temple' Chapter

Inner Temple

The first thing we seek and the one thing we seek to preserve above all else is our inner quiet, freedom from disturbance. On some level we all despise change, any kind of change for any reason.

If you let yourself dwell on the call to prayer, the call to meditation, to communion, it is a song. It is ultimately irresistible. You will come to it. It is what it seems to be, the call of the genuine sacred, but the principle of the sacred is beyond what you easily imagine it to be.

Locus of the Sacred

The inner temple. It may seem hard to believe that this is anything more than some sort of poetic or abstract notion, but I offer that it’s very far from such a thing. Today I will not talk about how… Seek More

Dream Life

Do you ever dream of outer space? Or a vast open field? The sea? Daydream or sleep dream? Sleep dream. In daydreams you can do so freely of course, but your sleep dreams are another matter all together. So does… Seek More

You Fear Dis-Integrity

You find many things horrifying, more than you acknowledge. Perhaps the first thing to clarify, you do not fear death, you do not find meaning in death beyond the purely cerebral level. We have no experience of it? That’s part… Seek More

You Believe Things

It’s been said that we can’t solve a problem in the same state of mind we become aware of it in. Recent science is even backing this up. The way we normally think about things, we just practice and reinforce… Seek More

Difficult Truth

We dwell in a false holy, and this was used as a method of self preservation whenever a spiritual path sought to survive in the face of violent public opposition. They would erect a decoy temple that could be freely… Seek More