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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

Difficult Truth in Inner Temple

Inner Temple

We dwell in a false holy, and this was used as a method of self preservation whenever a spiritual path sought to survive in the face of violent public opposition. They would erect a decoy temple that could be freely sacked so that their genuine sacred space would remain inviolate, but for those who understood, even the decoy temple could serve to guide them.

There is indeed space beyond your personal inner temple, and the icons preserved in that temple can serve to guide you there. Those things you consciously feel inspired by. Those things you really like and love, have genuine truth and substance to them, is why you gravitated to them in the first place. But your normal thinking, the outer ring of your inner temple, serves you only when you understand it to be what it is, the outer robe law, a map of the “lay of the land.”

If you let yourself dwell on the call to prayer, the call to meditation, to communion, it is a song. It is ultimately irresistible. You will come to it either with recognition or utter exhaustion, but you will come. It is what it seems to be, the call of the genuine sacred, but the principle of the sacred is beyond what you easily imagine it to be. You readily imagine and perceive only those parts of your call that you are presently comfortable with. Only through continued communion, in meditation, ritual or action / service, do you come to know your personal sacred more deeply, come to see the wonder of the spirit as it’s revealed to you, discovered by you in your walk along your path.

I would never encourage anyone to have faith in ignorance, to accept something just because it’s supposedly a divine mystery. I feel this is a betrayal of the soul and not a service. Have faith in experience, and recognize the difference between what you are convinced you know and what it is you are actually experiencing.

Reflecting on those difficult dreams helps us do this? Yes. People get defensive when I talk like this. They hate their fears. I guess it helps them continue the struggle to feel strong. It’s a bad trade.

So, a profound trusting in our own experience. Yes. People go looking for enlightenment where they will never find it. They seek bliss, liberation, knowledge and understanding to come to them from out of the aether, just because some spirit feels charity toward them. I promise they are much more generous than that.

I love generous and gracious spirits! They love you too.

I’ve noticed that. They want to hear the upbeat instead of facing the difficult truth. The difficult truth is the only upbeat message there is. Everything else is a lie. Like science will free us from all the undesirable elements of the human experience. Science has done one thing and one thing only, dramatized those elements, wrote them on a larger scale and more deeply in the earth than they ever were before, but the earth is learning from that. Even main stream scientists are observing this. Most modern medication can’t prove itself more effective than placebo now, and much of our so called modern medicine is a cheap imitation of already existing herbal medications. They just produced it synthetically and put their trade mark on it. Monsanto is wanting to do the same with food. We can only survive supposedly if we let them have proprietary rights to our food supply, or if we let Nestle corporation have proprietary rights to our water supply.

Or we can just not use their product. Indeed, or not acknowledge their sovereignty over it. I do not agree that genetic engineering is of itself an evil. It’s what humans think they are entitled to do with it, or because of it, that becomes evil.

The controversy is over seeds, yes? They aren’t the only seeds in the world. Right now they aren’t the only seeds, but even if modified seeds have merit if those seeds are viable life forms, that doesn’t mean they have to all be burned and driven to extinction.

I myself am an “unnatural” life form, supposedly a manifestation of disease. I don’t need to be edited. Nature has proven quite adept at finding uses even for radically altered things. I would guess that you my friend even have some small use for me.

There is a movement in genetic engineering (and the secret of the inner temple is spiritual the same as this) on a memetic level. This group proposes to establish an open source genetic programming code. We should adopt the same with our sense of the mind and spirit, and share what can better the community as a whole.

Certain experiments with nature go very wrong like how pugs can’t breath normally without surgery. There is a danger in adhering strictly to scientific orthodoxy, a serious danger. Even the conservatives are still often wrong, and well, a new example. They have recently discovered a strange combination of two proteins, normally involved in normal immune function, even in humans, that when carefully spliced together can reprogram white blood cells into immune regulation cells. The function of this strange protein was entirely unanticipated in mainstream genetic theory, but when it was administered to a population of mice with MS it cured them all completely. Fringe science and experimentation are not evil. Hubris profit motive and ignorance of experience can be.

May your inner temple know endless blessings.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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