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Absolutist thinking is a vicious falsehood, creates only confusion.

Dream Life in Inner Temple

Inner Temple

Do you ever dream of outer space? Or a vast open field? The sea?

Daydream or sleep dream? Sleep dream. In daydreams you can do so freely of course, but your sleep dreams are another matter all together.

So does anyone dream of the outdoors when they sleep?

Oh yes! All the time! Well, most of the time. Do you dream of open spaces?

Oh yes! Please describe?

Horizons, available through flying. Spaces, new, undiscovered. Curiosity. Need I say more? Yes. Are your spaces never constrained?

Yes, sadly. But I try to escape such places. I need horizons for my mental health. Actually, the effort to escape them is what keeps you confined. Are your dreams always constrained?

Yes, totally agree with that. That constrained space you experience during your sleeping dreams is your inner temple, and every night you enact your own personal mystery initiation. Every read on the Elysian mysteries? Really any of the Greek mysteries, shamanic initiations, Celtic as well. They all follow the same patterns. The Elysian mysteries put the initiate through the death and resurrection of Dionysis, symbolically, and usually while the initiate is in a very suggestible state. In your dreams, you are always enacting your personal horrors, the ways in which you find your sense of self disrupted.

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Yes, threatened. You rest between these trials in brief interludes of fantasy, and this is everyone’s dream life. Oddly consistent, no?

I didn’t realize that others also had such dreams.

Anyone here not dream like this?

To have them all under the banner of personal horrors enacted seems a little incorrect but this is an initial reaction. Horrors, not all horrors, some fantasy, but let me clarify horror. Horror as distinct from terror. Horror is characterized not by a feeling of threat as it is by a feeling of disgust. A feeling that something just should not be as it is. Grappling with the understanding that our instinctive disgust has substance of a basis beyond our personal feelings.

Personal inadequacy to deal with some situation? It goes beyond even our fears of inadequacy. It goes into the fear that we may be wrong in how we see things, our fear of the unknown. We tend to reinforce the fantasy periods of our dreaming and thus stay stuck in repetitive cycles and repetitive thought while we are awake.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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