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Are you a dog being wagged by its tail? Most are.

You Believe Things in Inner Temple

Inner Temple

It’s been said that we can’t solve a problem in the same state of mind we become aware of it in. Recent science is even backing this up. The way we normally think about things, we just practice and reinforce the problems that set us off in the first place. We welcome the vandals of public opinion and media and commercial dominion to profane the most sacred and personal space we have.

May I be frank with you? And I do hope someone responds. Do any of you really believe any of the things you want to believe?

There seems to be an “edge” there and maybe a fall-off, too. A chasm between what I want to believe and what I really do believe.

I believe the things I believe, but I don’t believe in the things I want to believe in.

Everyone I ask describes themselves as being imperfect in their belief, without exception. There is one reason for this. They do not understand belief. They only understand thinking. You believe things. You can’t help it. Even modern science confirms that your tendency to believe things is involuntary. I read a lot of really specious thinking that suggests that we can somehow enshrine scientific thinking in the place of the belief tendency. They do seem to want to believe that we would be better off for having done so.

People believe the first thing they hear. Even if they hear something conflicting afterwards, they still believe the first which is why it’s so easy to spread lies. That’s been found to be true. The reason that is true is also in the end why they believe in fear.

So “belief” is not merely intellectual assent? Belief is indeed more than intellectual assent. Like a pear the mind forms a core pattern, both of experience of the self, and by extension, of the world around it. We have an instinctive imperative to establish certain flows of communication. This is being found true even of non-human species just as animals communicate in groups calling out in order to hear the presence of the rest of their group. This is more commonly the purpose of bird song than even mating is. The mating song is distinct from most seasonal bird song. They normally hear an all is well response to their call, a song that reassures them that the body is well, that the body beyond the personal body remains well.

I have noticed that with birds coming to the feeders in all seasons. Reassurance calls, not just for mating or territory. Yes. It is the basis of wolf calls which are neither involved in mating or hunting. Wolves hunt quietly. The human call doesn’t provide this. The human call constantly provides messages of the imperative. All is necessary, all is vital, all is important and mandatory. The human call is manic, anxious, distressed and insane.

I think chimps sounds like this too. More and more so as their natural domain is more and more diminished, even isolated tribal people, but the survival instinct is not extinguished. We are just as wily as other species are, and for some few exceptionally sensitive types, perhaps even more so.

I ponder “wily….” Perhaps artful?

The supposed insanity is showing up more in that part of our society as they stand more and more commonly in defiance of social norms, not survival imperatives. Most of them are not murdering people, but they are behaving as if they are forgetting or have forgotten how they are expected to behave.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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