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Consider this notion should reflect your truth. There is only heaven. When death comes to anyone, to some it comes as an angel of mercy. Release from a life well lived and properly ended. For others, death comes as the avatar of a life squandered. A horrific demon off to drag them away from the chance they blew.

Spiritually White, Black Or Grey in Darkness


I have heard of a method of classifying people spiritually into categories of white, black, or grey. In that theory, we are each more attuned to one or the other. White more toward the light. Black toward the dark and grey in the middle. This inspires a track I think would be very helpful. Feel free to participate or not as you are comfortable. Using the abstract colors is easiest for speaking sake, ready?

Spiritually are you white, black, or grey? Would you say you are a lightsider spiritually, a darksider or somewhere in the middle?

  • Zebra. You would be grey then.
  • I’d say grey.
  • White.
  • I tend to move along the spectrum both ways, so that would make me a grey.
  • I strive for the lighter side, but am constantly aware that things draw us to the dark. Also bearing in mind there is not much point to light if there is no dark to make the contrast clear, but I’ll go for light.
  • You would seem more like black to me. Closely attuned with death and darkness. I don’t see it as a bad thing. Nor do I. It’s part of what allows you to find the insights you share.

I will say we have all three types here, and will explain my point. I will not use destructive examples of the types for this comparison.

If you are dealing with a darksider, you are dealing with a person who sees the glass as half empty. They are not unhappy. They will clam up quickly if you say they are, but they see things as ending. They are most comfortable on the bottom line. They like to see things levelled.

If you are dealing with a lightsider, you are seeing someone who is focused on what can be done. What can be created. What new thing can start, and yes, they like to know what they have to work with so they are also realists.

Some of the biggest business people are lightsiders, very successful people and not out of touch. Some of the most famous scientists are darksiders, also not out of touch. But if you get this business person and the scientist together, they often can’t communicate with each other. Why is this? Both are functional people and they both likely want “life affirmative” goals.

  • They don’t appreciate the dynamic?
  • Concrete vs. abstract?
  • Fear of the unknown? Fear of being judged?

That is a big part. They see the logic in each others views, but feel unequipped to measure up.

I can’t create if someone isn’t knocking something apart so I have the pieces. You bring up a valid point. Both light and dark are weak without the other. But still, if you are a darksider, how do you measure up to lights logic or vice versa? It’s not by trying to fake that you are what you are not.

Is it a requirement to do so? All constructive action plays out between the two, so no. But if you would smooth the path, then yes.

Help them see how your step will aid theirs? True, but the way lies in being fully what you are. Be as well versed in your side as they are in theirs, and though you would seem opposed, you will be on the same level and can be on the same page even.

Ah, pro you instead of anti them? Yes, exactly.

There is one scenario where I think it becomes critical to communicate with others. Society abhors extremes and quickly rectifies it in its various ways; disengagement, incarceration, envy/hate, etc. Also true. It’s a constructive skill, but there are those who balance out in the middle and can get just as lost. Is this not so friends?

Isn’t it confusing in the middle? How do you create focus? That’s not impossible or even hard with insight, but the same applies to black and white. The grey person needs to see they walk the infrastructure.

I guess you have to focus on the fact that no choice will be a wrong one if you are in the middle? Actually, there is a choice that’s in the middle, and to a grey type it will always seem the clearest choice.

Grey is the connecter? Yes.

No choice? No, a third choice.

There is light, dark, and stealthed light, and stealthed dark appearing as grey and then finally there’s grey. 😉 True, and even stealthier grey focused on light or dark, but the grey needs to mediate life to feel comfortable. There is as much depth in that mediation as there is in being a darksider or a lightsider. Be as versed in mediation with the purpose of clarity, and you will be able to communicate easily with dark and light. Get stuck in sophistry and relativistic thinking, and you will find you function very poorly. The devils advocate often chokes on his or her tongue if she has no clear vision.

Meditation helps all three sectors. It can help a lightsider have empathy. Help a darksider find self control, and help a grey find self acceptance.

If you are dealing with a troubled darksider, more often then drawing them out of themselves, help them go further in to get oriented. This can give them a peace that no amount of contrast to their views would. Likewise, don’t spit in the face of a lightsiders ideals, but help them see (if need be) where they sacrifice one good for another. Help them see all the sides. If they are truly a lightsider, or if the are a natural darksider, they will want this peace and balance. We all like to make informed decisions.

If you can’t be “good”, be good at it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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