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Direction and Individuality


People mistake consciousness for individuality. There is a transcendent and encompassing consciousness. Our ancestors knew of it. Spirits of place. There is also a natural drive to harmony, to supporting the group. Order and disorder balance where there is oneness… Seek More

Astral Realm


The earth itself has an astral component. A realm of existence that would correspond to its very own astral body. In Shamanism, this is often referred to as the spirit world and even the departed don’t usually leave this psychosphere… Seek More



Have you considered what you will do at transition? Some people think that it works one way. Spirit communicating with incarnated. It isn’t that neat, not that orderly, and some put forth the idea that anything in human incarnation is… Seek More

Traveling The Multiverse


In the between state, what happens if one chooses outside? Oh, if one chooses outside, you move into what passes for “incarnation” in that realm. But our realm is nested in that one, and your new form can move into… Seek More

Nature Finds A Way


What is the natural position of humans, really? Holistically, regarding all spheres and dimensions here. Excellent question. Humanity is the “watching” species, or in a multi-dimensional sense, they are earth custodians, not its owners. The shepherds of the life force concentrated… Seek More

The Watchers


This will bore you or blow your mind. It’s a very old universe. It’s older than the advent that lead to its current state, the bringing of fire as it shows up in many myths, and it will last beyond… Seek More

Time Space Structure

Star Nations

How many of you have seen a figure in your dreams that you could not make out? That gave the inescapable impression of being totally independent of your mental function? We see dream characters all the time. We all to… Seek More

Other Realities

Strange Creatures

Our senses have blind spots, but they don’t remain constantly blind. We are the inheritors of every form of physical sensitivity on this planet. If not literally ever sensory organ, every organ that exists has its roots in the same… Seek More

Multi-verse Evolution

Strange Creatures

Evolution. Evolution is actually a multiversal principle and process, but it is not the product of entropy that people see it as being here. On the multiversal scale, the inter-cosmic constant is balanced. Survival of the fittest is an illusion.… Seek More

Light From The Sky

Strange Creatures

Have you seen the movie The Mothman Prophecies? They have some solid explanations of things in it even if they dramatised it. The reason the outer dimensional beings don’t stop to interact with humans, despite being able to see them,… Seek More