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I will offer that there is no mystery in human behavior, just the schism between light and darkness that we create. All behavior arises from the same life force whether we judge the outcome as good or bad.

Smile and Laugh in Center


Self declared enlightened people seem to think it’s suppose to come with a good dose of ‘serious’, and seriousness is defined by a kinetic zeal. They are serious about what they do. If they stop doing, then where does the enlightenment go?

Mother Teresa was known for not really enjoying ceremony. She preferred the down to earth work of helping her people or any people at hand who needed help.

I haven’t heard the Dalai Lama say he’s enlightened. The Dalai Lama’s known for very plain speech is he not? He smiles a lot. Smiling is enlightenment, but I don’t mean sneering. People sneer all the time. I mean a smile from the heart, from center, that is enlightenment.

Most people I have considered enlightened get the cosmic joke. They smile and laugh when the moment moves them. They are moved by their moments. They actually see them and as they say, nothing is ever as bad as you fear or as wonderful as you hope. I feel this is a wonderful thing. That center is what gives us any chance at security. Yes, we can’t know heaven on earth, and in fact your heaven might be my hell. But it would be a chaotic mess if everyone were in their heaven, and likewise they aren’t in their hell.

Someone had a quote on her wall, “It may not be the party you were expecting, but while you’re here, dance.” The dancing can help you feel your center. If you can practice wu wei, trust that you will do what you need to. Trust that events will arise and you can handle them, or you won’t handle them. But you have been there before and that it’s ok not to handle everything. That is center. Being in center isn’t about not thinking, or not doing, it’s about “nirvana” in definition. No disturbance. A rock in the stream.

You are saying lack of judgement? Well, some see decision as judgement. If seen in that way then no, as a matter of fact the popular views of judgment seem only to paralyze people. But judgement as a declaration? Yes, in that case you can let marble be a goddess. You can let a blank canvas be a grand vision of nature. You can let your life be an infinite realm of possibility. Of course it isn’t reasonable, but is your view of life right now in any way reasonable?

Isn’t that the point? To just let it be? That is exactly the point. When you realize that judgement is what it is, then the feeling that you need to do it can fall away quite naturally with no need to be dedicated or serious about it. You won’t need to judge other peoples judgements. You won’t want to go there with them though you might smile at them still, and maybe make a warm comment such as how you like the color of their shirt, but it won’t be serious. The truth isn’t serious about itself. It doesn’t have an attitude. It’s rather busy just being.

My own meditative techniques might not be what anyone would call meditation. My mind is very passionate and “chaotic”, and what I do is immerse myself in that. Really immerse myself. It seems to work sort of like a clothes dryer. As my mind spins and whirls it sort of settles though it doesn’t stop spinning.

Rather like diving into the eye of the storm? Yes, indeed.  My own metaphysical practices are based on my sensitivity to my environment. Feeling the spirit of the land, of the community I dwell in, and immersing myself in that. I don’t disappear, but my view of myself does change. I guess it’s what they mean when they speak of unity with Brahman, the great spirit, but most neo-Hindus seem to confuse people. They suggest that it’s some sort of vibrant oblivion, a total freedom from being.

In centering practices, I actually see what’s around me.  Who is around me. It sort of changes how I see myself and them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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