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Not two souls but many souls are bound on the spirit, and they commune when in spirit. We are infinite beings and are not defined or definable by a single bond.

Basic Instinct in Humility


Society teaches us to think of a greater good, but who’s greater good? In the name of the greater good, people have attempted genocide. Have actually exterminated species. Have polluted vital bodies of water.

Yes, but who defines the concept of greater good? You? I? Others? The capacity to which life and its continuance is supported defines the greater good, but no human thinking of any artificial nature can do this

They have defiled not only their own social milieus with caustic mental and spiritual pollution, but have defiled even the ancient roots from which we can heal. There is a basic instinct to seek life, and proliferate life, and move with life.

Yes, it’s human nature to go forth and procreate. It’s in our DNA. Survival of the species. There is also the instinct to be selective in procreation. Nature is not blind. Nature kept the balance quite well before the advent of homo sapiens. This is the only reason humanity even had a chance, or perhaps my words are nonsense.

I will offer this. Is it not true that under duress we all default to the simplest of human behaviours? And if our principles were sound, would they not have changed the foundations of even our most basic reasoning?

If homo sapiens have upset the balance, so to speak, then is nature self defining a way to repair? Nature is indeed working to rectify much, even instituting changes in homo sapiens itself. Making “defective” members of the species more common.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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