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Your inner life is your outer life. Your second life is your first life. Your fantasies are your reality.

Simplicity Of Self in Humility


Simplicity transcends all domains of human experience. All potential that humanity can manifest, it can manifest simply.

It’s been said that any genuine truth can be stated simply, and there is a truth regarding humanity. Is this stated by notions of humility as society perpetuates them? Why does one seek to embody humility? What virtue is there in it? Are their convictions any more than mental abstraction? Were they not originally founded and fed by society itself?

No. All comes from the mental consciousness. Then from where comes the mind? What objects of experience are there, if all comes from the mind?

It’s as if we think that if we make something big of ourselves, we will somehow harm others by casting too large a shadow. That is the notion. But do we not harm them by making little of ourselves? An implied restriction that self actualization is without merit or moral good standing, as if to be fully what you are is a vice.

I don’t know. Only if they really needed us to fulfill a greater potential.

We do need more models of greatness.

Yes, because people believe they are not important when they should know they are the most important force in creation.

Can there be communion and shame? If one is invested passionately in modesty, can they have any equals?

They cannot be completely modest, because if they are the most modest then that is pride also.

If I give myself full permission to be exactly as I am, without artificial rules of composure, how would I behave toward others?

Probably a bit rudely.

That is dictated by your heart and soul.

If I allow self to be simply what it is, without needless elaboration or criticism of self, then likewise is this not something that will affect my life and that of others around me? Would this be arrogance? Can simplicity be found by seeking a humble face? Can it be found by seeking esteem in the eyes of others?

People might not believe it. Most people expect masks. They do indeed, and disbelief is the foundation of freedom from false beliefs. You have to have the option of letting go before you can choose with any wisdom. The idea that we should rid ourselves of self, has that helped anyone here? Have any of you met anyone whose life was better because they rid themselves of themselves? Have you met anyone who bettered anyone else’s life by their having erased their own self?

Depends on what level of self you mean, the false self or the true self. The false self only arises from the tendency people have to aggrandize the self. They feel they must have a rationalization to explain and excuse their actions in the world, beyond experience of the moment that is.

A slavery? Yes, it is a slavery. Self inflicted. They become invested to the degree of panic in maintaining a fiction, even the fiction of selfless humility. I have seen people abstain countless times from contributing to the positive resolution of a situation in the name of not being egotistical. This anyone else’s experience?

Oh yes, happens in groups all the time. It drives me crazy as I have to step in to arrive at a solution.

But what if shame and arrogance just didn’t enter into the equation? What would people act like then?

The corporate world might actually get things done.

That comes with what “society” has placed on us with education and experience, and at times it buries the true core of a persons inner being.

Should not society be reshaped to allow the presence of the individuals it’s actually composed of? How will this be accomplished if not by the simple steps of a self defined and directed life?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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