'Humility' Chapter


Ideas of humility are indoctrinated into us quite thoroughly. Every effort is made to convince us that humility is a virtue. To the point that self sabotage is one of the most common neurotic behaviours. Genuine humility would embrace the thoughts of self without dramatization, and thus reflexively embrace the behaviours of their fellow man without arbitrary judgement.

Live your life thinking as you do when you are relaxing in bed at night, and neither arrogance or shame will govern you long. In time, as you live like that, all you will have left is the freedom of the full self, and then what will your life lack?

“To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.” Charles de Montesquieu (French Politician and Philosopher, 1689-1755)

“Humility is to make a right estimate of one’s self.” Charles H. Spurgeon (English preacher of 19th century 1834-1892)

“True humility is contentment.” Henri Frederic Amiel (Swiss writer known for his masterpiece Journal intime, 1821-1881)

Ideas Of Humility

What is humility? Modesty? In your experience friends, does nature show any preference for modesty? There are ideas of humility, and these ideas are indoctrinated into us quite thoroughly. Every effort is made to convince us that humility is a… Seek More

Expressed Only In Simplicity

We revile arrogance. Every instinct makes us shun the one who can not allow for the significance of others. This is good and valid, because arrogance is also a neurosis and the arrogant persons judgement is suspect. Can one have… Seek More

I Am I

In the case of savantism and a human being who never really gained the ability to identify self, because they did not arrive at the “I AM” stage of awareness… Their minds become a mirror of what is, or at… Seek More

Express Self

The Bible says (and I must paraphrase), “Whatever you do unto the least of these, my children. You do unto me also (read as God).” Humanity has shown an amazing and passionate contempt for consciousness in general, let alone their… Seek More

Powerful Without Measure

Today’s topic is humility. It’s a topic of much internal conflict, at least in general, as few esteem an egotist. The word ego was originally used only to mean self, but has acquired a lot of baggage over the centuries.… Seek More

Simplicity Of Self

Simplicity transcends all domains of human experience. All potential that humanity can manifest, it can manifest simply. It’s been said that any genuine truth can be stated simply, and there is a truth regarding humanity. Is this stated by notions… Seek More

Basic Instinct

Society teaches us to think of a greater good, but who’s greater good? In the name of the greater good, people have attempted genocide. Have actually exterminated species. Have polluted vital bodies of water. Yes, but who defines the concept… Seek More

At Essence

At the basic level, I am humble because I want to do no harm to others and seek their approval. Has society bred that into me, or does it come from a inner core that God or creator installed in… Seek More