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The consensus reality is the lie.

Releasing Control in Control


Control is a good topic. Are you dealing with control issues? Yours or another’s?

I’m trying to shed it in this life. I have controlled all feelings so I wouldn’t get hurt. It’s time to free it. Ah, so working on ending self suppression?

A deeper realisation of control can help. Knowing what you want control of, and why you want control or no longer want to control. For myself, I follow a sort of organic view. The emotion or state of being has meaning beyond objective analysis. When you first move to objectify the emotion, you disconnect from your world more, not less.

To objectify is to control? It’s the beginning of control, and control moved toward by starting off on the wrong foot.

There is a lake in the state I live in. It’s very clean and clear, and if you go out on it in a boat, the water is so clear it magnifies and clearly reveals the bottom of the lake. So it looks very shallow like you could wade in it, but it’s hundreds of feet deep. When you analyze, especially when it comes to emotions, you can jump the gun and think you have it under control. Many self controlled people actually control very little.

Sometimes to gain control there must be deconstruction, a.k.a. that terrible word destruction to tear down a wall you have built. But in the case of the controlled person, they say something like “Well, this is just my temper. I just have a temper”, and they don’t go any deeper than that. Many of your character strengths are intimately linked to those emotions you may have judged harshly.

Sometimes ego creates emotions we do not need? Ah, ego creates context, and is part of what motivates people to be controlling of their emotions. The other emotions don’t fit their self image. Like the person who will never cry, because crying would damage their ego. But ego by itself isn’t the cause of emotions, it’s the cause of attachment to specific emotions.

What about the person that can’t stop crying? Is that ego as well? No, but in that case why they are stuck in crying might be ego, but not the crying itself. Usually, the person who cries over small things is repressing one or more big things, and the body needs release from the tension.

Second Life teaches to let go of control? Much can both be learned and enacted in Second Life. What you enact there won’t stay out of your first life. It’s not really possible although it may not be literally translated.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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