'Guest Articles' (con't)

Study Shows Meditation Changes Brain after 8 Weeks by Sarah Clare

Many of us have felt the peace of meditation after just a few minutes of meaningful silence. There are long-term and far-reaching benefits to meditation that we may not realize, too. A new study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience… Seek More

Toward A Higher Purpose In Political Campaigns by Jason Miner

A major journalist recently likened a spat between the presidential candidates as reminiscent of two kids fighting in the back seat. A political analyst suggested that campaign hardball is acceptable because cheap shots have been around since the inception of… Seek More

Food to Improve Health by Sara Dawkins

There are many foods that are supposed to improve our health. From foods meant to help us lose weight, to ones that help our bodies to function properly, to ones that help our brains work better longer. Depending upon the… Seek More

The Love of a Mother, The Connection of a Twin by Ken Myers

When I was child my mother told me about the day when I was born. I am going to share this story with you. The day that my mother was going to give birth to me she was in the… Seek More

Points That Can Lead You to a Better Place by Paul Taylor

There is a lot of talk in spiritual circles these days of a universal “waking up” period that may come. The only way this would happen, in this humble writers opinion, is one person at a time. There are 8… Seek More

Finding yourself in College by Patricia Garza

If there’s one cliché that I hate most out of all clichés I hear about college students, it’s “finding yourself.” It’s typically used in conjunction with backpacking trips to different places, most commonly Europe or Tibet or Nepal. What I… Seek More

Depth of Love by Kelsey Clark

You can only be loved to the extent that you are known. John Ortberg I heard this quote the other day and it really opened my eyes to understand love a little better. Love is not some magical thing that… Seek More

Natural Memories by Debra Johnson

There is something about nature that awakens the senses. Almost every memory I have, from the time I was a very small child to now, centers around something natural. Something outside or just something to hold on to that was… Seek More

My 5 Favorite Spiritual Tomes by Amanda Watson

Obviously, given the nature of the subject matter, this is a very personal and subjective list. So I don’t want anyone to take it as a “best” list or any kind of canon of required reading. I simply want to… Seek More

Honest Consciousness: Aligning your Thoughts and Feelings with Authenticity by Amelia Wood

A dear friend once told me that true and honest authenticity is one of the rarest qualities people possess. I remember being rather taken aback by her bold assertion. What did she mean? Were all the people around me being… Seek More