'Guest Articles' (con't)

A Work Of Friction (a work of fiction) By Ade Sluzky

They told me incredible stories and I did not believe a word of them. I stared at them but gave the impression of someone listening, someone believing, but the inside of my mind wondered if these people were actually aware… Seek More

Re-Defining Empowerment And Feminine Nature by Brooke Hart

Women today have a large task ahead of them. We are set on a gender identity that creates speculation of how we should act, dress or “be” in public. Of course, this changes depending on where you are in the… Seek More

Holistic Healing – Welcome To A New Life of Wellbeing by Jacques Tombazian

All of us want to lead a healthy and positive life but there are a lot of factors in our life that can make it difficult and full of miseries. The reasons for these miseries can include troubles in your… Seek More

Which Type of Psychic Is Best for You? by Katie Leigh

Psychics and mediums have been assisting people that are seeking help and guidance for many centuries. In fact, shamanism, one of the earliest forms of spiritual guidance has been used for thousands of years. Today, psychics are as popular as… Seek More

The Mind-Body Connection: Feeding Your Inner Spirit by Caitlin Stripes

Think about the day after Halloween when you were a child. The crash that comes after the sugar high. And now think about experiencing that, even in a diluted form every day. Odds are? You already do. The traditional western… Seek More

Communication from the Master by Robert Gresak

And the time shall come when you shall go deeper than your words, deeper than your thoughts, when you shall and must transcend your little personality self to enter the abode of the hearts love. There, my brother must you… Seek More

The Spirit of a Goat by Cindy Falteich

I have a goat. He’s a boy. I named him Billy. I know how unoriginal that is. He’s also a professional eater. As I sit here on the creek bank, listening to the forest while babble flows freely through my… Seek More

Tangled by Amanda Carlson

Okay, so this is a bit of a weird thing to start out with, but the Disney cartoon Tangled has apparently inspired a lot of abuse survivors. I never really thought about the movie in that way, or maybe I… Seek More

Suitable Careers for People in Touch with Their Soul by Jenner Rodriguez

Being in touch with one’s soul is a huge achievement. Sometimes, it takes individuals an entire lifetime to figure out how they are going to get in touch with their soul. When you have accomplished this particular feat, what are… Seek More

Healthy Connections by Allison Foster

Why is it so hard to miss someone? I know it seems strange, but I have this issue with feeling close enough to anyone else to admit I really miss them. For some reason it feels like I am admitting… Seek More