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Waves are the Primary Force

First, we have to remove the entire universe as we know it. The material universe has been modelled upside down and backwards. Sort of like how the eye sees, there is some consistency between the current model and what is… Seek More

Mechanism is a Fetish

Conforming to the Behaviour of Nature

Reclaim Old Psychic Energy

New Interaction

Paranormal Places


Between Places

Hollows are between places. They are actually very common though not always active. Many traditions across the world tracked these things. The cenote of Meso American lore would be one. The kivas of the Pueblo Indians. A hollow can be manufactured.… Seek More

Vacant Spots

Phase Transitions

Substrate of Existence

Beings at Ground Zero



Powers That Be

Everyone familiar with the phrase, “The powers that be”? Where are these powers referred to? Where are they found? At a higher level? In the self? No. In plush corporate offices. Political as well. What about the forces of nature?… Seek More

Two Faces to Our Minds

Attune to the Heart of Nature

Possessed by a God

What Would Ogoun Do?

Eshu Helping Ogoun

Path of Isis Through Kitchen Repair

Connecting to the Living Intelligence

Humble Opinion

Thumbs Up Opinion

Denial Dysfunction

It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept. Bill Watterson Why I Am Dysfunctional Today: Denial is misunderstood. We think of it as if people actively and voluntarily resist truths that are otherwise readily available to them… Seek More

Guest Articles


The Spirituality of Writing by Julie Ellis

A Muse By Any Other Name… It is no accident that so many writers, through centuries, have spoken of their “muses.” Some have obviously used the term in a secular and humorous way, to refer to those times when their… Seek More

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