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Psychic Morphism

Psychic Morphism

Imprint of Our Psyche

Today’s topic is psychic morphism, also related to the concept of psychomorphism, which is the tendency to ascribe human-like thinking to animals and objects, like when we joke that some household appliance is out to get us, and things like… Seek More

Driving Force Behind Human Activity

Set the Pace

Sacred Circles

Sacred Circles

Circular Thought

Tonight, we are discussing circles. Perhaps I should get right to the heart of the topic and work out from there. Properly ordered thought is circular thought, and much as that may sound irrational, what is our life, as we… Seek More

Central Observer Self

Breaks in the Circle

Order is Us

Hyperspace Between the Circles

Magick Circles in Life



Dynamic and Static

Today, we are talking about liminality. It’s a state of being. At one point in history, it was even ritually established or acknowledged, but we do still experience it today. We are dynamic creatures, creatures of habit, and we easily… Seek More

When Choice is a Foregone Conclusion

Potential for Real Choice

Two Ends of a Hallway

Accept Dreams as Reality

Get Back in Touch

Humble Opinion


Okay to Live

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Herm Albright What I’m Hanging Hope On Today: Being realistic isn’t realistic. Living up to people’s expectations very often… Seek More

Guest Articles

The OC Pond for Blog

Reflecting on the Now by Cindy Falteich

It’s overcast so I intend to speed past, believing that without the sun, nothing will shine. But I’m wrong— admittedly. I stare into the still water, opaque darkness obliterating what I might see beyond the surface. As I watch, wondering… Seek More

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