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Spiritual Psychic Health Ebook

Spiritual Psychic Health Ebook

This is a very complex topic, and we’ve compiled an ebook that explores all the chakras from the base consciousness to the higher self. Download the full ebook on Spiritual and Psychic Health. If you find it of value, donations are appreciated via our… Seek More



To Fall in Love

What does it mean to fall in love? Obsession, addiction. Contentment. To find someone you care about more than yourself. When someone or something touches my empathy. There is no wrong answer to the question of what it means to… Seek More

We Feel Whole

Material Sympathy

Material Sympathy

Energy Moving

Today we are talking about a concept I phrased as “material sympathy”, and I’m hoping it will offer at least interesting ideas if not meaningful insights. We perceive a world that we tend to define by its apparent material compositions,… Seek More

Memory of Any Perceived Thing

Things Come Together

Degree of Deviation

Formative Matrix

Matter is Paint

Before Matter


Perth Rune

Rune of Secrets

If you recall when I began the rune series, I said I would not be doing a treatment of the blank rune. It’s a modern tack on and really not at all useful, I think, and besides, the Perth rune… Seek More

Reality is Porous

Be Aware of the Immanent Reality

Walk the Stairs

Trust Your Feet

Drop the Red Tide Wave

Humble Opinion


Okay to Live

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Herm Albright What I’m Hanging Hope On Today: Being realistic isn’t realistic. Living up to people’s expectations very often… Seek More

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The OC Pond for Blog

Reflecting on the Now by Cindy Falteich

It’s overcast so I intend to speed past, believing that without the sun, nothing will shine. But I’m wrong— admittedly. I stare into the still water, opaque darkness obliterating what I might see beyond the surface. As I watch, wondering… Seek More

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