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Potential to Create Change

Today, we are talking about toil, labour and work. What is work? Something properly sanctioned by society as productive? The expenditure of energy. Doing something necessary but not fun. A task that can be accomplished. The potential to create change… Seek More



The Gods Move

I will describe things in a way that some traditionalist may object to. I don’t mean to offend anyone by it. I’m just drawing from my general sense of the cross cultural meaning of these things. How do you feel… Seek More

Kali Unites

Kali Is In You


Platonic Solids

Schools of Atomism

Atomism was metaphysics before it was ever incorporated into what we call science now. It grew out of lines of thinking about the ultimate substance of reality, and took many forms in both western and eastern culture. There were two… Seek More

Atomic Structure is the Emergent Quality

Shaped by Countless Universes

Three Dimensional Beings

Fourth Dimensional Beings

Watchers & Walkers


Higher Dimensions

Fifth Dimensional Being


Space Between Dimensional Pockets

Apocalypse Beast

Eighth and Ninth Dimension

Humble Opinion

Thumbs Up Opinion

Denial Dysfunction

It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept. Bill Watterson Why I Am Dysfunctional Today: Denial is misunderstood. We think of it as if people actively and voluntarily resist truths that are otherwise readily available to them… Seek More

Guest Articles


The Spirituality of Writing by Julie Ellis

A Muse By Any Other Name… It is no accident that so many writers, through centuries, have spoken of their “muses.” Some have obviously used the term in a secular and humorous way, to refer to those times when their… Seek More

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