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Cognitive Semantics

Cognitive Semantics

Without Words

Can you think without words? Maybe that would depend on the sort of thinking it is. I often think in images and then would have to translate that into words. I think so, but we’re not practiced at seeing it… Seek More

Special Effects

Coherent Structure

An End to a Means

Intentional Channel

Personal Narrative

Our Other Mind

Assert the Other Mind



Mayan Spiritual Order

Mayan astrology is really an extension of Mesoamerican efforts in general. The Aztec people were working on the same general sort of thing as well, so the distinction is perhaps overly fine a point to make. Mayan astrology doesn’t focus… Seek More

Mayan World View

Cycles of Creation

Gods in Everything



Sense of Alienation

First let’s establish what alienation is to everyone’s understanding. For those who are up for it, share what you understand alienation to be. Perhaps you are experiencing some sense of alienation from that request. Feeling like a visitor no matter… Seek More

Affiliation and Alienation

Keeping it Real

Knowing You are Real

Look Carefully

Trying to Orient

Humble Opinion


Okay to Live

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Herm Albright What I’m Hanging Hope On Today: Being realistic isn’t realistic. Living up to people’s expectations very often… Seek More

Guest Articles

The OC Pond for Blog

Reflecting on the Now by Cindy Falteich

It’s overcast so I intend to speed past, believing that without the sun, nothing will shine. But I’m wrong— admittedly. I stare into the still water, opaque darkness obliterating what I might see beyond the surface. As I watch, wondering… Seek More

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