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Mind Projection

Mind Projection

One Big Recognition System

Science is the study of what and how something happens. Metaphysics is the study of why, and there is a conceptual split between the two trains of thought in society. Our mind is the centre of everything we try to… Seek More


Dragon Lore

Dragon Magick

Broader Context

The world you see and take for granted as real is imaginary. Your eye cannot provide a whole or consistent picture of the world around you, so your brain fills in the blanks, makes assumptions, which is good enough for… Seek More

Many World Theory

Uplift Humanity

Dragon Paths

Dragon Presence

The Way to Contact Dragons



Adopting Traits

I will start with a question. How much of what you know yourself as is something you chose to be? How many skills did you freely choose to learn? I’ve noticed that who I am is a result of my… Seek More

Natural vs Expected

World’s Biggest Monster

Acquired Persona

Colour Your Own View of the World

Selection is Needed

Humble Opinion


Okay to Live

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Herm Albright What I’m Hanging Hope On Today: Being realistic isn’t realistic. Living up to people’s expectations very often… Seek More

Guest Articles

The OC Pond for Blog

Reflecting on the Now by Cindy Falteich

It’s overcast so I intend to speed past, believing that without the sun, nothing will shine. But I’m wrong— admittedly. I stare into the still water, opaque darkness obliterating what I might see beyond the surface. As I watch, wondering… Seek More

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