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Gold Magick

Gold Magick

Value in Gold

Tonight, we are talking about gold magick. It’s very old, but by no means the oldest form of magick on the planet. Gold magick is the force behind the rise of empires, cities and civilization as we know it today.… Seek More

Yang Style of Magick

Design Your Personal Ritual



Legacy of Emotion

It’s always been my experience that the world makes no effort to deceive humanity, but instead that we, through our culture and education and personal prejudice, wind up deceiving ourselves. It’s not entirely a voluntary process. All those regions of… Seek More

Support for Survival

Function from Sensations

Basis for Discernment

Body and Emotions First

Sick Will

Monadic Intelligence

Monadic Intelligence

Thought, Energy, Awareness

There are a great many theories regarding what reality might be. I will be sharing my own this evening and touching upon various elements of science and metaphysics on the way. How far back should we go? I will start… Seek More

Interesting Questions in Science

Sensory Processes are Quantum Processes

Memory of Us

Life in Code

No Extinction of Consciousness

No Fixed Form

Humble Opinion

Peace Opinion

Enjoy Dysfunction

I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves. Ludwig Wittgenstein Why I Am Dysfunctional Today: Enjoyment is certainly a wonderful thing, but life presents such a variety of… Seek More

Guest Poetry


Revelation – The Infinite Journey by Robert Gresak

With shattering, uplifting and melodious tone the voice came uttering the soul shaking name which resounds through all the planes of being – from the very highest to the very lowest – I AM THAT I AM From the depths… Seek More

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