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Warriors and soldiers are passionate? But that is merely focus. They are controlled and they are driven. They believe, but this is not passion. Passion sort of excludes belief.

Clean Break in Dead Spots

Dead Spots

Death is one force of many and has its own rules and mechanisms it works on. One simple thing, for those who just want to limit the dead spot influence all together, is death works like fire. This is why they call entropy heat death. If you focus on eliminating the extra connections around something you have ended, you can confine that dead spot so it doesn’t absorb even more energy in your life.

Fire, in the sense that necromancy can be as cleansing as it is destructive? Indeed. Responsible necromancy serves that purpose, that among others. Exorcism is a form of necromancy as well.

Is that what people are alluding to when the say “a clean break” from something? They don’t consciously mean it, but that is what works, yes. You can’t end your work and hang out at your place of work, not without having that death energy spread to other parts of your life that you don’t want it to affect.

It’s like we have an intuitive sense of this principle. I think everyone has some instinct for it, sort of like the scared bunny anticipating it needs to hide from a predator it can’t see. People get a sense for death even if they don’t pay it conscious attention.

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Yet many cling so it’s good to become consciously aware of it. Yes. It can be the difference between running into the predator and never really having to fear the predator. We all feel the touch of that force that seems to end things in our lives. It seems to act all by itself. It only seems to. It’s the shadow passing along the ground under a cloud, or the darkness that comes with the moon moving over the sun. There is a world behind it if we choose to see it.

Behind time? It is the dark shadow that makes us perceive time. The supposed dying of the light.

I think it’s in these moments when my visual senses become very sharp. Is that possible? My surroundings have a strong clarity. It is indeed. I look at the surroundings with a sense of change happening.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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