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I feel in truth is liberation, freedom, and there is a whole tapestry of truth.

Safe Society? in Compassion


They have discovered in deep examination of brain function, using what they call functional magnetic resonance imaging, that many more processes go on in our brain than we are aware of, and they have found much of it rather surprising. No matter your personal views, your brain reacts negatively when it witnesses pain and it doesn’t matter what is feeling the pain. Ever watch a spider shiver in pain when one of its legs tore away? Even my description likely makes you cringe.

I have no compassion for anything that I know would eat me if it could. You perceive no compassion, but you would still see wrong in the extinction of that species on some level, no?

Depends on the species. Hmm, well this raises my point.

Our western medical tradition differs from the eastern in that it’s based on a philosophical teaching that makes its followers swear to do no harm, complete pacifism. Our society stands on a system that conditions people to adopt belief in any of a number of ideals, and it conditions them quite well. How has this helped our society?

It’s safer to live in. Really? We don’t need to fear being raided by the next town over like in earlier times. No. They belong to the same authority. It’s very orderly in some ways. So you feel safe?

I fear the opportunistic police officer. I fear the judge who has never seen my face and couldn’t care one wit about my fear. I fear doctors who will make decisions about whether I live or not based on economic reasons. Still feeling safe? How about the disgruntled civil servant who can falsify papers and have it go undetected, because no standard of evidence is required of their agency? It is all just accepted on authority. So is authority authenticity? If not what would give it authenticity? Integrity?

It’s too tangential to go on about everything wrong with the health care system except to say that if it ever was, it is no longer compassion based, in my opinion. Tangential thought, why do we think like that?

There are evil people in the world, but at least that authority keeps a bunch of soldiers from taking over your house, forcing you to give them lodging, and raping your wife and children at night while you have no way of stopping them. I haven’t seen evidence of that. It just happens less frequently, more covertly. We call the soldiers cops, but they roam about wherever they please.

I think the major predators now are the banks. They are completely lacking in compassion. Yes, and they are supposed to be giving us something, no? Aren’t they the basis of our safe society? No one can steal from us? If not them, then who?

We have discussed the lack of compassion, but we still believe people have compassion. If any do, then why don’t most?

I think it gets stifled by fear. Fear = Fantasy Envisioned As Reality. I have some fantasies for you, want to hear the list? City planning, managed health care, social services, community outreach programs, economic repair measures, educational reform, human rights legislation. Well, it’s a long list. Any of those seem real? Planned pregnancy, the center for disease control. What do these all have in common?

Perhaps they are all the product of our grandest thoughts? Our highest ideals? Are thoughts compassion? Are ideals reality?

Thoughts and ideals turn a pizza into a vegetable. But actually, that’s money from lobbyists. Oh, money. The American dream you mean? They do have a lot of it, and heaven forbid you need it and not be able to get it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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