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Subjectivity and objectivity form two facets of a body of experience provided by a web of energy potential and actualized. That has characteristics independent of the individual observer.

Voodoo Roots in Voodoo


Does voodoo have Spanish roots? Santeria does.

How old is voodoo? Vodun has prehistoric roots tracing back to the oldest oral traditions of the people of Benin and surrounding regions, but some form of Catholicism is incorporated into many of the forms voodoo traditions take.

I know a tradition in Spain says that the youngest daughter cannot marry and must care for her mother until the mothers death. The mother can do things in her after life if the daughter refuses to obey. Is this related to Santeria? Not strictly no, and actually, not unlike the gurus of India, there are many voodoo leaders. The voodoo queens of Louisiana voodoo being perhaps the most well-known. Marie Laveau being the most famous to date.

What was the ancient form of voodoo, vodun, like? It had a form we might compare to Australian shamanism. The odds of seeing a genuine voodoo ceremony without befriending one of the locals are very slim. The actual practitioners of voodoo are fairly private people.

Because they don’t want to be exploited? Exactly.

What is Australian shamanism like? In their creation myth, various spirits take a hand in the formation of the world they knew, and they offer their magickal services as a religious devotion and not for profit.

The various loa (spirits) can be researched individually, but they see the loa as organized into families, and each family or tribe of loa having day to day activities that involve the preservation and growth of their respective domains in creation.

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Travis Saunders
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