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Identification of form. Form arises from spirit. Not spirit from form.

World Mind in Psionics


Doesn’t hate have a place in the balance? It does. It’s a clearing force, but normally its role is limited.

Is hates role diminishing, like the role of war? Hates role is actually getting worse. Its force is growing in the world mind and disrupting the mineral minds. They are setting up an angry resonance that will shatter the surface if not calmed, and they are setting up viral compounds in the soil keyed to make some very aggressive changes.

So a disturbing thought that seemingly comes out of nowhere, might actually be from somewhere else? Yes. Your brain is a great mirror, but your brain is not your mind. It just mirrors thought, and the body, to make a unified picture for the mind.

Is that related to the massive energy attunements? It is. There is no intention of genocide. That’s a uniquely human sin, but humanity does have a responsibility to look out for itself, also.

Yet, it will spawn a near genocidal effect if not calmed? It will act out of desperation. If humanity is so mindlessly rabid as to reject all efforts at interdiction, humanity will have to end for the greater good. But the psychic disturbances will get much worse before destruction is enacted, and humanity would be too insane to care at that point. The world mind is much too strong for individual human minds. If humanity is insane, then the mindscape is forced to “clear its head”, though humanity would not be forgotten.

In fact, humanities psychic legacy would likely be transferred to the next sentient species with the hope they would do better. Good chance that would be roaches. They show every evidence of being far more communal. They are liked for a human successor. They are not preferred, because they would lack a necessary autonomy. Individuation is a must.

It’s a sad state when the roaches are vying for your job. That would be a long time in coming, as the psychic force has to engineer a form that can handle the critical level of energy that is sentience, and genetic material is sloppy stuff.

Do rocks evolve into other forms? Yes. Science even has evidence of this. Human DNA has for its framework the crystalline pattern found in calcium rich clay, and the process of photosynthesis in plants transforms minerals into more evolved forms. We have minerals on our planet that can’t even form unless they have biology to compound them, and the degree of oxidization that has changed the minerals is only possible on a living planet. Then they resonate together in even newer ways, but their social awareness is very slow, and your body will go to merge with the minerals of the planet. Your evolution will be their evolution.

So, if you are having psychic experiences they are happening for a reason. You are having psychic experiences in a world that is itself psychic.

I guess if I were to summarize the topic of Psionic Animism, watch your mind. But believe it only in the way you would believe another person. It’s not lying, but it’s not clear either, and you don’t control those things your mind becomes aware of. You control your attention. You control your focus and your will. You have choice, but the rest is a world that may still be a mystery to you, yet. You may have thoughts you trust. If so that’s fine, keep trusting them. They are just like spirit guides really, and you may get thoughts you distrust. Do the same thing you would do if it were a negative spirit.

Ritual banishment? That can work with negative thought too. As long as it directs your energy in a clearing way, it will work. It is your energy to shape. You need not worry about that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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