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The Gnostics were right, to know yourself is to know the divine.

Act Rich in Focus


I want to be rich, but how do I act rich if the money isn’t there to do so yet? Here is one thing. You have friends who are financially ok, or are all your friends struggling financially? Have you made the acquaintance of people who are rich or even close? Have you ever met a rich person?

They seem to be too shallow. The ones I know I have nothing in common with and I don’t feel comfortable with them. Is that really about rich people? Is there anything that would actually stop you from keeping their company? I have met upper middle class people and the strangeness of their view was a bit off putting, but I stuck it out just keeping their acquaintance. Treating them with the decency I feel everyone deserves. They opened up. I saw some of them were thoughtful, some emotionally vulnerable, some really imaginative and warm. It turns out they can make fine friends if you don’t get stuck at the idea of “rich.”

Did you have common interests? Yes. Books, movies, art, science. Some have very “mundane” interests. Some are big sports fans. Some are religious. Some feisty and irreverent. People tend to be stiff when around stiffness. Be tough when around toughness. Be open when around openness. They really like their work. Do you like this person at all? Can their work be interesting to you?

What you’re saying is that their richness rubs off on you? Life rubs off on you. When you are in someone’s life, if you are actually willing to be in it, then the events of their life become parts of your life. Even without any special effort, opportunities they experience just naturally tend to include you.

There isn’t their life and your life. Is just life. Same with the poor. They don’t live a life separate from you, and depending on how much of that part of life you embrace, you will go there too.

I chose a low paying job over high pay because the job makes me happier. I lost myself in the well paid job and got depressed. Yes, and you chose well. I am not interested in “being rich.” I will accept the interest of anyone who is interested in what I do though, no matter what their financial status. People are people.

I’m interested in being rich, because I want to work less to free up time to help people. If you want to work less, then there is a circumstance that will let you work less. If you don’t want to work less, you will avoid the circumstance that will let you work less.

I don’t work at all. I’m not bragging, but for a time I didn’t work because my focus was that “I’m useless.” I am disabled, but I got off of the focus of being personally useless which made me relax around people more. Then I found my doors weren’t quite that closed. The money just didn’t matter. Even my “employability” didn’t matter. When I relaxed, I just started doing things. Some people actually want me to do them and keep doing them, so I do, and my life is ok. I am whole and I can go from here.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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