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Routine Is Delusion in Transition


Do you feel your life is stable? Is it largely the same on a daily basis? Why do you think so?

Habits can be routine. Stable life, daily basis. For one thing, I do wake up almost as intact as I went to sleep, and I am lulled into believing all is the same. Breakfast, tea, walk… activities similar. The routine keeps things stable? Routine fools you into thinking things are stable. People get things a bit backward. They think the drifting time of consistency is stable. This is why people latch onto routine when life is getting crazy, and why they fail to make transitions and instead just deal with the same old drama during every upset.

You can’t go back? Not true. Some do nothing but go back.

What gives form to your life?

Relationships? Yes and no. Relationships can be feeders for stasis, but they can be the instigators of actualization.

You don’t want to hang with someone who is going to have a different personality every five minutes. You don’t have a different personality every five minutes? Does anyone have the personality they had five minutes ago?

Your life has its form by “events.” These events are often judged as lunacy, at other times seen as inspiration, but they are the stabilization of forces in your life. When you are coasting, you haven’t gained stability or form. You have lost it.

Lots of events and five minutes ago I was afraid of life. Now I am embracing it fully. Wait, a transition in progress… No, not a transition. You are arriving not leaving. Transitions are the stage of leaving. We arrive in our moments. We leave in our drifting routine.

People think change is transition, but actually change is ‘fixation’ and the moments between change are transition? Yes, exactly.

What makes those moments into clarity or lunacy is awareness. People are rarely given any education in dealing with the “sacred moment.” The moment of inspiration is thought to be a delusion, but the routine is the delusion. Every great innovator in any field of life has had one identifiable trait in common, can you guess what it is?

Lunacy? To the common opinion maybe.

Faith/belief? Yes and no, though their relationship to that is always paradoxical.

They have all been seen as unstable. To use a more archaic term, all are “touched.” Inspiration was seen as divine at one time, and the instability was seen as evidence of human limits in dealing with divine power. In Mexican culture, they say that the brujo is loco, because they saw women as better able to deal with this aspect of life than men. In fact, modern psychology says men handle change less well than women. Some cultures have not shunned their “crazies.” China didn’t really either, at least for the longer part of their history, but neither gender is stable. They both get caught in routine and drift.

Good thing, too. We need the movement. Some of it is survival. Well, I don’t know how good it is, but it isn’t inherently evil either.

The drifting is what happens when people look back and wonder where their life went? Yes, the sacred moments don’t have to be accidental.

Marlon Brando on his death bed said, “What the hell was that all about?” That’s a good summation of the current consensus reality. I ask myself that same question. What the hell is this all about?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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