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Truth is beauty, and beauty truth. I have forever gazed upon beauty and am thus moved to engage its dark shadow.

Connection with Elemental Symbolism in Symbolism


Elementals is probably the most primal system of symbols we have. Even sciences four states of matter seem to parallel it. When we reduce events in our lives, and in nature, they can often be expressed in an elemental metaphor; fiery temper, airy thought, down to earth. Even the glyphic and numerological systems have their root in elemental symbolism.

The elemental symbols are perhaps the most readily available framework we have for any of life experience. As my little boy said a couple of days ago when he saw a grill fire at Dairy queen, ‘fire ouch‘. Children are drawn at first to the most primal elements; playing in water, making mud pies, spinning in the open air, and watching clouds seemingly float by. These symbols affect our thinking even without our choosing them to. Even the numbers up to four have an elemental correspondence in numerology.

Elemental colors too? Indeed, even them. Red can do the same thing to us as being near a camp fire. Kids like primary colors, and this is a very good thing. We loose our roots when we lose our awareness of the things that are most elemental. There is a reason that dude wrote “all I ever needed to learn, I learned in kindergarten”. I may have the title wrong, but I think we all know it. Even the animals can seem to go mad if they can’t feel the earth under their feet.

Fundamentals. The state of kinship runs deeper than human thinking. Even in the initial bond we form with our mothers. We are aware of heat, and breath, and the mothers milk, and the solidity of our parents arms. Elemental stuff, concrete stuff. In this day and age we are often asked to accept ideas as “concrete”, as fact.

All energy is elemental inside us or around us. We do tend to lose a lot of the natural resonance with the sources of our chi, our very life force, and even the “health nuts” often languish even though they do take that “wise advice”. Anaemia, allergies, a fair number of things arise and there cause isn’t exactly known.

Disconnection? Indeed, and we can reconnect as simply as children first connected. They are more concerned with what they see, what they feel, hear. All experience is new, so they don’t have the noise of “their world view” going on in their head. It’s just the world, and it’s right there around them. They are thrilled, or frightened, or grossed out, or soothed, directly. Little to no prejudice.

Children aren’t naturally insecure, they learn that, and often it starts with; “don’t play in the mud!’, “don’t play with that bug!”, “stay out of the rain!”. Ah, the list goes on. As we grow older, we close more windows into awareness until we are in a cold, dark place. Even when we learn getting rained on by itself doesn’t make us sick. The initial insight we had as children, the desire and intuitive insight into that feeling of the rain falling on us, often remains forgotten.

But we start off in life with a welcome home, and we run away from it, and often as little children we threaten to run away from home. It’s reactionary to adult views. They always run away from home, even if they are there.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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