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You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Family in General


You will abusively cuddle and play with your one year old? Because you selfishly want to see smiles and laughter? Impose a doctrine of happiness and learning by mistakes? Heretic!

You worry about the state of the world for them of course. You see a vulnerable little boy or girl.  You don’t think of your vulnerability, but the idea they could be hurt. Now that is scary. The school system, the employment system, the immunizations, the conflicts. It’s not a lot of positive to offer there.

Some fathers give no sense of place. Conceive illegitimately, and get married for that reason. No great or even much mild love for each other. Duty, and duty breeds resentment. For others the father leaves before the child is born, leaving a mother who is torn between resentment and guilt. I can’t say much for this alternative.

Another may have the nuclear family around. You see the other side. You see why families break maybe, and what happens if they refuse to. Nuclear is a relatively new term. Families used to be extended. They would be raised with cousins like they were your siblings, and defer to aunts and uncles like they were your parents. They would be living together on the family holdings, and likely succeeding or failing financially together.

There is one viable alternative, only one. Simply love. Don’t underestimate parental love.  I had only a little of it, and I suspect you have it in you even if it was absent from your childhood. It matters does it not? Every little bit matters.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “Family”

  1. Kels

    Hello Everyone,

    My Father just passed away and I was wondering if anyone knew of a way I can ask him to come through to me in my dreams? I have had a lot of people pass and they eventually come to me via dreams. My Dad is taking forever any suggestions? That does not include anything that might open the door to some sprit that is not good to come around.
    I love this site and all the information. I get some out of it..Great stuff.

    Peace to all

    • Travis

      Focus on the sense of connection with your family members and rather then attempting to effect your father, focus on a state of being that would get your fathers attention. The intention to connect with your Dad should be sufficient, but you need to be at peace and receptive to be able to do this.

  2. Kels

    Also how do I deal with a dark seeded toxic mean family member that takes over people lifes and identities? Identity meaning not your credit cards but I am talking about taking on your personality? My Mom is going through a hard time and is weak to pray, and my own sister is taking over her life! She even changed her/my mom’s phone number so I could not speak to my Mom and my Mom did not even know my sister did this! She is trying to erase my Mom and erase me so I am cut from the will.. How do I deal with this toxic person?

    • Travis

      Values are an energy. They’re a psychic force that impacts everyone around you. If you allow yourself to sink into a disturbed state due to your sisters behaviour, you contribute your energy to reinforcing the value she’s projecting. If instead you deliberately reinforce and focus on (perhaps even meditate on) the values you are recognized as having by your mother, you’ll be able to breech the psychic shell she’s created.

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