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If it has to change we want a say in it, we want control but people are unfit for control.

Omen Questions and Answers in Omens


Do we hurt it if we ignore or deny an omen? We can, especially if you are deeply connected to the event matrix. The omens are in part a manifestation of your very personal energy. It meshes with other energies, and if you resist a heavily weighted event, it can feel like being psychically drawn and quartered. If you don’t play your part, you stem the flow. The tide pulls whether you sink or swim.

Do all events have omens or just big ones, or is it a sliding scale of sorts? It is a sliding scale. All events have that metaphysical echo, and some events echo but don’t happen. Not in a way we would notice though there is a connection between that and deja-vu. In every situation where you ever had to decide between paths, energy went into all paths or you never would have noted them. Your light shines beyond this reality that you actualize. The world isn’t this surface we see. It has iterations, and they aren’t separated from us. They aren’t other planets.

What is the relationship between free will and omens? Free will. There is only free will, because none of this exists. This space, this matter, these events. They are only the actualization of consciousness. To over emphasize the event is a half truth.

Are animals a big part of omens? Yes. They tend to not resist metaphysical energy flows so will act on them before we perceive them, and the weight of a psychic state can draw an animal not otherwise involved in your life. This is why Native Americans used animal symbolism in their own spirituality. The animal doesn’t have to be your pet, but pets are often sources of that insight. Thus the lore of the witches familiar. They often paid a lot of attention to their pets and came to understand what their pet was reacting to. Thus, would know of events before their neighbours felt they were “supposed to”. That, and long meditative moments, and a need to gather away from the towns territories which often meant deeper in the woods or farther out into bogs. Places their neighbours wouldn’t want to go.

The more frequent an omen the more power, but it can also be true with just one? It is very possible (like any wave phenomenon) that the omen will come as one big cresting event. An event can hit you so strongly that the meaning is abundantly clear. Though like a big wave you can choose to ignore it. Unless you leave that energy it will crest again, and maybe amplified next time.

If we don’t see omens for something we think we want, what’s going on? What you see or don’t see doesn’t validate or invalidate a decision. The omens are created by turbulence in energy. You may not see an omen because the situation is already decided.

Could we be generating the turbulence for something that is not really good for us? Possibly, but causing the omens anyway. In that case, the negativity would show in the omen. Good doesn’t create bad. Bad doesn’t create good. Good and bad are personal and universal both. Paradoxical. An event wave may wash over me and be very supportive of my energy.

Omens are just visible manifestations of spiritual power. In the beginning the word was with God, and the word was God. The universe is chatty. So an event wave may energize me, but the same wave disrupt another person. Simply put, any truth can be stated simply. If a truth seems complex, it is because it’s compound, multi-faceted, not because it isn’t clear.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Your Insights on “Omen Questions and Answers”

  1. B.H. Kaplan

    Can anyone explain whether there is any meaning if an important date such as your birthdate appears three times in a periodical such as a newspaper?

  2. lachelle

    i am experiencing something where things are repeating. Phrases, words, sayings, people. i’ll hear something say a word and then a few hours later i will hear that word again and may have had no connection to the word or thought in years. Just as it came it goes away. The information is so sparatic. nothing seems to relate to the other or even to me. Do you have any ideas what this could be signifying.

    • Travis

      We think of events as being novel occurrences in time and space as if they were a new instance each time. This isn’t actually the case. Certain behaviours, certain moments of communication, persist until the psychic weight of the communication is resolved, kind of like a weather-front. Either waiting and observing will allow you to find the meaning in it or you can disassociate with some source of it. (A key person or situation.)

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