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So now what? Is only ever now and now is perfectly what it is.

Practical Use of Numina in Numina


So practical uses of numina? Get lucid control of your dreams and you can navigate our realities “gravity well” and influence events from there. Tune into the data stream behind your sensory perceptions, the conscious code that it triggers in you, and you can deliberately choose and act out your responses to the inquiries reality sends you. Stop garbling the Morse code, if that makes sense. See how these two things are connected?

It’s easy to start doing or stop doing but not so easy to say how. Ah, yes it is, but I am talking about a life spanning process. I would need specific examples to provide an adaption of the process. What is something you struggle with?

Assuming what others are thinking about me. Ok, and that tends to prove mistaken? Usually, yes. Can you describe a single such event? In a role-play setting when I post a lot of things that I have written, I wonder if people think I am being a scene stealer or that I talk too much.

This might seem like an isolated circumstance that the role playing is its own thing and not connected to other events in your life, but each instance is a question being asked to you by reality. All you are doing is answering it. You begin to wonder at people’s reaction to your posts, because you don’t perceive the outer context of the setting you are posting in.

Because I’m doing something that I don’t normally do, share my imagination. Whenever you post, you post in an environment of other people’s posts.

That is true and the whole point is to post and share. Well, you do also do it in real life, and as far as role playing goes the whole point is to contribute to the continuity of the story. So, do you find that people are always saying something along the lines of “Why didn’t you notice (insert thing here)?” 

I have been asked that by the same circle of friends. Deep inside you have determined that the world is hostile, so you are answering their call with “Go away! I’m replacing you!”, and do you find they obey?

Yes. They go quiet. This is usually the case, though sometimes it’s not as clear as that. You can have compound numina influences that produce a third thing that isn’t easy to link back to the two contributing sources.

But does this illustrate how to use the knowledge? I do hope it was helpful.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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