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Direction and Thought


Now here is something interesting. Some people might think of total awareness and ask what about direction? What about purpose? Lots of people stumble over things like the law of attraction because in the popular material something is missing. Can’t… Seek More

A Taoist View


I’ve been asked to describe a normal day of mine, or rather abnormal? My day actually starts in my night. I have some unusual conditions I deal with so taking a Taoist view helps me accept “my way” in life,… Seek More

Spirit Contact


We contact spirits in the same way we sense our loved ones at a distance. A divinatory method isn’t absolutely necessary. In fact, you are likely more in contact than you may have realized you are. The contained system we… Seek More

Sexual Role


I know I may seem like the stereotypical sex obsessed male, but when you give your body place, and sex is the most powerful force to encourage that (that or strife), then your consciousness changes. Your engagement with all of… Seek More

Feel the Pulse of Life

Is it best to practice random acts of kindness? Yes, and I can say from personal experience. I have been no great success in life. Not ridiculously wealthy, or famous, or privileged, but many times I have avoided harm by having… Seek More

Choice Beyond Thinking


Choice seems so readily obvious. People claim to make choices, and then complain about the consequences of those choices. We make choices every day if only minor ones, but do people really choose? Do they take the action that choice… Seek More

Omnipresent Mind

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is so simple it’s complicated, as many things are. It’s based on research and insights that state that even though your body is localized, mind as an energy and a construct of any sort is omni-present. The first… Seek More

Beings Cloaked in Illusion


To date, even in modern parapsychology, much of the old understanding of angelic powers is gone. There are still reported encounters or sightings of unknown beings that behave much like the “angels” of old. Though without any seeming divine agenda… Seek More

Brain and Mind State


It has been established that the brain hormones respond to neural or sensory stimuli. They are not separate from mind state. It has also been proven that the brain cannot tell the difference between the real and the vividly imagined.… Seek More

Love What You Love


Ever notice those who seem to have a lot don’t seem to really want it? Those who want a lot never seem to have enough? The problem is not wanting or having no wants. Wanting is pretty irrelevant, and this… Seek More