Death is the great equalizer, and all change is heat death, a.k.a. entropy.

Brains are People Seeking in Kindness


To fall back to Taoism a bit, they call the Tao or natural way/order the Great Mother because it embodies kindness in the purest sense. Everything that wants to exist is permitted to exist. Where this becomes clouded is people believe that their existence and well-being is dependent on conditions conforming to their expectations, which only exist because the person has taken on a self-image that is threatened if it remains out of context. Network these artificial human beings and what would you create?

Can a self-actualizing person be kind? Self-actualization is kindness, nothing else is.

Researchers say that the human sense of agency or entity is distorted. They say it’s a delusion to perceive agency in the natural world beyond a narrow range, and even worse if you perceive any form of non-physical agency/entity.

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So what about the Scrooges of the world who say kindness is not useful? You mean the normal people of the world? Scrooge was carved by an equally unkind life. He was yes, and he was liberated by what most would consider an absurd thing. People would believe that the three ghosts of Christmas were fantasies. They would say it was just his memory and innate guilty conscience that wouldn’t let him persist as the miser he was. If this is so, why is this sort of story not common? Why do we think of it as fantasy?

What transformed him is simple and readily available to everyone. People have trained themselves out of the child like intuition of perceiving agency in the world. Instead, they are focused on mechanism, process. How much more sane has this made us? Are we more sane?

Our brains (and science has proven this) are naturally people seeking. They see anything that shows any trace of either looking like or acting like a person, and the brain just naturally intuits it as a person.

We often call children too trusting or gullible, naïve. Well, they have the instinct but now live in a society that doesn’t have the insight to go with it.

Kids know when a person means them harm or kindness. This is why brains are people seeking. It’s actually a really very valuable survival mechanism. It looks not only for friends, but for enemies as well.

And likewise animals, mostly. Yes these register as “people like”, and is why we were able to domesticate animals and intuit their behaviour well enough to hunt them.

I guess that’s why teenage years are so confusing, the messages start to get mixed up. You are trying to listen to your brain but others are telling you another thing. Actually, just trying to listen to the pain job that was done on your brain. You had a brain, then it was painted to look like a shoe, but let’s bring this back around to the topic…

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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