Articles containing "Transition"

Way of Death


There is a way of death. There is a way of being out of harmony with death. In this ‘now’, man has forgotten this way. Fear of death is not the way of death. In my own spirituality, the way… Seek More

Death and Living


Even death as most define it doesn’t really exist. As science says, energy cannot be either created or destroyed and it’s not. It can only change state. It does. When we die we don’t somehow get catapulted to some other… Seek More

Spiritual Q&A


Here are a few questions that I have received in some of my talks. Maybe you’ve wondered as well.  If our ancestors and family who have passed over are supposed to be watching over us, what exactly are they doing? … Seek More

Egyptian Soul and Hell


Egyptian religion was both intuitive and rationalistic.  Since its focus was so pragmatic the Greeks and Romans actually saw no reason to compromise it, and translated some of their concepts into Greek or Roman terms. Thus the cult of Osiris… Seek More

Karma Yoga


Tantrism tends to be karma yoga. Liberation by exhausting the karmas, positive or negative. In the tantric view you willingly incure positive karma in sex. Delve into it. Lose yourself in it, and by doing so see it for what… Seek More

Field of Mind

Remote Viewing

Synchronicity is a rule. Psychic forces actualize. An aspect of remote viewing is seeing an “object” that isn’t and can’t be present at the site, but is a true presence at the site. Like a state of mind in the residents,… Seek More



Have you considered what you will do at transition? Some people think that it works one way. Spirit communicating with incarnated. It isn’t that neat, not that orderly, and some put forth the idea that anything in human incarnation is… Seek More

World in Balance

Parallel Worlds

There is a thought that bad things happen to good people. How can you explain that? Bad things happen to good people, because the concept of good and bad (i.e. justice) is a human notion. This living world is no respecter… Seek More

Primal Relationship


I intend to discuss the spiritual facets of parenting. How many of you are parents? But no, it’s not necessary to be a parent to gain from this. We are all involved in parenting. We were parented in one form… Seek More

The Other Side

Light Practice

People think that what kills goes away when you die. It doesn’t. It stays, but when you die what kills is revealed and made manifest. This applies even to those who “go to heaven”. There is a rhythmic marker on… Seek More