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Inner voice = the prime mover. Also inner voice = prima materia = first matter. It’s a part of the bigger order and doesn’t focus on human whim. I do what the voices tell me.

Application of Spirit Flight in Flying


Earlier, I worked with someone on a simple process of navigation and analysis, but even that can’t be performed without some connection on the spirit level. Here is her experience:

“It was interesting. One of the main things that was totally new to me was the realization that perception can be learned. As in, to understand where a moose might go or what they might do or how they do it, you got to get in ‘moose mind‘.”

To find the home of moose, you must follow the path of moose. Once you know that, you can understand what’s going on a whole lot better. Before that you’re wondering, ‘Why is it eating grass, that makes no sense’. You can even follow the way of grass if you sought an understanding of it.

It ends up that you can gather the path of a person into your awareness.  Understand where they’re coming from and what they need, to come into better alignment with their own path. It gets easier with practice. It is like an infant in a new form, but once you do, everything you see suddenly clicks. Why they do the weird things they do. How you can help them by vibing at a certain frequency while standing next to them. How to help them come into alignment with themselves. Because once you see the path, you can also see the start and the finish. You also have memories of the encounter. Your world is broadened by having visited theirs.

There is a way in the spirit world. As you venture there you will learn not only one persons way or one things way, but the way they all inhabit. But like the physical world, you come to know it one region at a time, and you should start from home.

Does it start with intention? Yes, It does. Attention being guided by intention. Those are the first two steps.

Does it happen most easily in the subconscious? It can happen consciously and does, but often details are missed if focus is externalized.

What can be done by flying like that? All memory is there. The Bugee people use it to navigate the sea. The Native Americans (north and south) used it to find herds. Your imagination is your only limit to what can be done. Find a job, find a house, find a soul mate. First you can find your “medicine”. Not all medicine is physical.

Ones power is often locked up in what you think you have now, and where you are now. To use the voodoo term ‘ashe’ or the Japanese ‘ki’, its ashe or mana gets caught up in your world. The inherent virtue of your soul. We create our world from it, but tend to misgovern it also. (prana, chi, ashe, qi, kundalini, etc. all the same). It can grow quite stagnant as you feel you lack power over your world.

Thinking we ‘have’?  In thinking you have, you lose. You know you have, only when you know why you have. When you gain it, it is like gaining ground. As they say, use it or lose it. Most say ‘screw it’. You have to have more heart than that. A warrior with heart will get back up no matter how many times they are torn down. No matter what.

Why would one lose it and need to find it? We get deeply engrossed in the dreaming and lose our way in the dream. We forget what things mean, or ever meant to us. You needn’t resurrect an old creation, but your ashe or mana was still in it. Often in that realm you find old artifacts from childhood. Sometimes before even the life you now know.

So you track that down in the ‘spirit’ realm through resonance, affinity, and intent? Yes. The pieces of your spirit that you loose, call to you still. If lost from your awareness they become fossilized so you can become rooted in old ground and not your true ground. We often transplant ourselves in life. For some many times. It isn’t good for us, but we aren’t shown our home. Our home isn’t a material place. When you find it, it will be everywhere you go. It is often called center, but it is more than putting your spirit in neutral. As a matter of fact, people do a disservice by describing center that way. Center is a calibration not a fixed point.

Finding one’s ‘home’ should be a top priority. It isn’t about escaping. I have not spoke of escaping, but most have actually and is why they feel lost.

Is it possible to find it with another person and when with them you feel home, or is it only a personal aspect inside yourself? It is both. When you find it in yourself, then you can find resonance with another. In that sense, sharing your home.

How does one find their home? You feel it inside.  Like the concept of spiritual avocation you come to know your contact points. The spiritual forces that serve as your guide stars.

‘Avocation’? To explain vocation and avocation. There is a way of being a dog. We have spoken of the spiritual way, but we can give the dog a vocation. Make it a rescue animal, or an investigative aid, or a guard. This would be its vocation, but not its avocation. Its personal way is of a dog. Its personal way is its avocation. Its activities of the moment are perhaps merely a vocation, and people often have their power impeded by a vocation. Vocation and avocation can be strongly opposed.

So, to find your medicine, you sit in your home and call to it until it starts lighting up so you can see it. Then you go get it? Basically yes, this is the essence of the vision quest. It is what the drumming and singing are about, but you need not observe the form of the shaman. It’s the understanding of those forms that’s useful. If the practices themselves help, then feel free to do that too.

However, it can sound a lot easier then it is. Recognizing it can be tricky with all the stuff conditioned in us, thus there existed the way of the Heyoka. Trickster shaman. Coyote, or raven, or owl, and they are potentially very different, but the “paths of darkness” exist because they seem to run against the grain. This is why they seem dark. The created is balanced by uncreation. The Heyoka might rise at sunset and remain awake at night, or refuse food during the meal time but protest hunger between.

Where does the Heyoka tie in to drawing your medicine back? Breaking your conditioning. Devils advocate to make your light more clear. It isn’t fake, that counter path. Those of the left hand path aren’t anyones traitor.

If you’re on your own and working with doing this, this drawing of your medicine back from old investments, how do you invoke that yourself? Confront your now. Your past calls from the now. In a sense, it can be said the dead speak. The earlier forms of you speak. The alternate choices speak. Native American blessings often include the phrase “and all your relations”. They mean seeking all your relations, all the roles of you, all the forms of you.

Don Juan Matus spoke of this and called it erasing the history. It cannot be history if it’s re-collected. In that you will see you had and have it, and will be able to move with it again. Move with full intention. You can see your origin and gain its power. It is described as the first chi or the child’s chi. Eliminate habits that are energy leaks like biting your nails, etc. or emotional reactions. Find the root and dig it out and eliminate it, but you can’t do this just casually. That has no power. Every act must count. This is important to learn. Acts have power, especially when the one acting them knows intimately that their death is stalking and is not far behind. Know that any act is intentional and the trick is to understand it.

There are rites of passage there, and they have been reproduced here in the martial arts, in the mystery schools, in many ways. You must overcome the guardian and then it becomes a guide. It is the way of totems throughout the history of the spirit world. Trust the call and its rhythm.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Nick

    My own awakening arrived as a direct result of exploring and experimenting with astral projection. The odd part – to many I work with – is they do not understand that learning that skill served only as a steppingstone to the spirit travel I use today. What I’ve found is that with continued practice, once I have visited a location in the higher realms, or even here in 3D, I have a type of anchor there and can return at will, simply by sending a part of my consciousness there through intent, as you have mentioned here. The potential contained within spirit travel, once a person begins to trust and believe in the experience, is quite incredible, as you are aware. I am a channel for Lord Raziel and my work with Him and others would be impossible without spirit travel.
    Fascinating and informative piece. Blessings, Nick

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