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You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Connecting With Life in Celebration


Celebration is also about connecting, because connecting brings strength and understanding. Not knowledge, but genuine understanding.

I used to try to stage birthday parties for my son that included the whole family. I already knew my family would not understand, but I wanted my son to have a sense of the whole unit that was his family. I thought maybe they would love him as they did not love me. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Never underestimate people’s xenophobia, but yes… Broken celebration still has the mark of the instinct that makes us celebrate things.

In Hawaii, we have a first birthday luau . Huge party to celebrate not only the baby, but the family that belongs to him, and the extended family that belongs to him, and the friends of these who also belong to him. The great reconnecting time, song, dance, talk story, food, gifts. The pig is put in the ground at 5 am, roasted all day, etc. It’s a perfect time for something very spiritual. These times had meaning and still should, otherwise we get to feeling not only alone, but lost in all of life.

It’s hard for people to find celebration when their connections are broken. This brings us to personal celebration. Contemplative practice.

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I was alone physically on Thanksgiving day. Yet I felt no loss, but rather enjoyed the day rather well. You have a deep wisdom. You do not necessarily need to connect with people. Celebration is about connecting with life. It doesn’t matter as much who may or may not be present.

I have retained connectivity to spirit. Then it extends to life, then to the elements therein. You celebrate daily. What is that like?

A bird singing its little heart out in the middle of the day tells its sweet story about the moment too, and because I heard it, it is also enhanced by my recognition. Animals always celebrate. This is why the flocks, the packs, the herds. Humanity can celebrate with them, if they are willing and open.

Daily celebration is in the word mahalo too. It’s a really good word.

Have you ever really played with a dog?

Oh, yes. Doggies are wonderful telepaths too. Yes, they are.

My dog really knows how to celebrate when she sees the leash in your hand. Indeed, she does. She gets really excited, even loud about it, vocalizes.

Tail wagging, body quivers. Mine jump for joy and kick their feet in mid air. Yes. Why do we think that is different for us?

I think this is why people like to have pets. Dogs celebrate every time they see you. They do indeed, and all things being in balance they should, and we them, though in our own way.

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Some are not allowed to show such exuberance. “What is wrong with you? You taking a fit on us?” True. People think genuine celebration is crazy. I say it’s actual sanity, and people grow deranged for lack of it. But there are different ways to celebrate. Ever watch Native American ritual dancing? Do they all move the same?

In their ritual dances, often each dancer takes a different role. One leaping and cavorting like coyote, another stalking and staring like raven, and another running along and howling like wolf. Genuine human celebration can be like that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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