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Creatures of Appetites in Greed/Generosity


Greed and generosity are pretty central “moral” issues in many peoples live. We are naturally motivated creatures, and greed and generosity are two sides of the same coin. One can be greedy for opportunities to be generous even, so first let’s focus on greed.

We are creatures of appetites, and this is abundantly evident. The cookie monster is a character that embodies it. If we weren’t creatures of appetites, why would anyone ever have long conversations about food which are actually pretty common? Why would it be considered a truism that sex sells? But we are motivated by our appetites, and conversely and sort of insanely, we are told that our appetites are bad, invalid, unspiritual.

So there is such a thing as a healthy appetite?  The appetites are natural and instinctive, the problem is when we allow them to take over? Yes, indeed, and we do that because we villainize them. We make them something unworthy, and then we live like the three supposedly “wise” monkeys.   The supposedly wise monkeys see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. This is a horrible attitude, but it’s considered virtuous in society, and for what reason I don’t know. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil = control no evil.

All appetites are healthy, it’s when they’re allowed to get out of control that they cause problems? No, it’s when we try to control them that they cause problems. The appetites have a natural balance all their own. They don’t go to the damaging level until we start twisting our views of them in our mind. Like the “sex obsessed male” in todays society, he isn’t an ok guy. People don’t approve of him, and he knows this so he still has whatever is motivating him. Obsession = addiction. Addiction = fear. So he behaves obsessively, then feels guilty, which makes him feel poorly and desire escape. His favourite escape is sexual fantasy, and the cycle begins all over again. This isn’t because he needed to control his appetite is it?

I think escape is one of those ironic things when we are talking about addiction. You are trapped in the escape. Indeed.

Does the female have a need to unknowingly seduce? Yes, to be fair let’s explore that. Males have drives, but females do also. Instincts. They villainize a mans sex drive, and even put men as the driving force behind sex, but it’s my experience that as far as sexuality goes, women have more control. It seems to tie into the nesting instinct, and part of the nesting instinct is to acquire a mate. Am I wrong ladies?

I snagged my mate. :smile:  It isn’t just women who want to be wanted. That’s not a gender thing, so a guy who gets “snagged” wants to be snagged. If anything, we would be better off if we admitted this, would we not? Though my first marriage went badly, I would be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t willing. I could say I wasn’t very aware, but yes I was willing. In general, in my experience, and this is not an insult to my lady friends, women are both the most greedy and the most generous. What do you think of this? Ladies?

I am not a woman, but I agree. They have a will to receive that is enormous, and the maternal instincts gives them the bestowal factor.  Men left to their own devices tend to become at least somewhat aimless. They look for things to do to vent energy, and often will vent their energy in questionable ways.

For a life bonding species, the life bond serves a survival value also. The male feeding their female, but as in predatory birds, it’s just as often the other way around. Eagles take turns incubating eggs, male then female. Other bird species do also, and in lions the bulk of child care is actually done by males. Not the feeding as that’s mostly female, but the managing and protection.

Are humans the only ones that question the male and female roles? Yes, and they convolute their own social behaviours. In a sense we are equally bad off. Males are not accepted in their natural male behaviour, but neither are women allowed that. Are we happier?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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