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Truth is beauty, and beauty truth. I have forever gazed upon beauty and am thus moved to engage its dark shadow.

Luciferianism in Satanism


What is the difference between Luciferianism and Satanism? Actually there are a few different traditions that get called Satanism. As a whole the Satanism that scares people is a creation of the Catholic church. A counter cultural movement that arose from second sons being forced into the clergy and resenting it. Luciferianism stems from the influence of Greek culture on the Celtic. It arose as an almost Gnostic insight when the Celts were exposed to Greek thinking through the Catholics.

Lucifer is the Romanized name for Lugh, the chief Celtic god, the shining one. Lugh is a name that has been used a lot (like Latinos use Jesus), and Irish lore goes back to prehistoric times. Lugh wasn’t evil. Catholicism to be universal absorbed the traditions of many faiths then demonized them. The original Lugh was a pagan ancestor deity type. They linked him to the Yezidi melek ta’us, also known as Shaitan. So Lugh has nothing to do with Lucifer. Lucifer as used was fictional. Likely an effort to preserve the worship of Mithras after Christianity became the state religion. Lucifer was a Latin mistaken translation of Hebrew text, and has no meaning or value. A spiritual typo.

There were many Semitic faiths. Islam is one, the Yezidi faith is, Christianity is a derivative of Semitic mythology. Evil needs no deity, and the Jews aren’t Satanist. They don’t acknowledge a Satan as Christians say. I will grant darkness exists, but evil is a stance.

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The Irish have a legend of driving serpents out of Ireland though there is no fossil record of serpents. But there was an Egyptian cult of Apophis. So likely the Ra worshiping, or Lugh worshiping types drove the snake worshipers out. Amen Ra?

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  1. Michael

    The story of St Patrick driving snakes from Ireland stems from the Catholic Church purging the the pagans that refused to accept Christ as their savior. In totalitarian fashion, they murdered anyone who threatened the will of the church. Demonized Druid priests and witches as devil worshippers, and slaughtered the blasphemers.

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