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Natural Fear in Fear


Today’s topic is fear, and I have spoken about it before. Today, I intend to speak a bit more positively about fear. Hopefully, it will be a constructive line.

Fear is the ability to recognize danger, and as that, it is a natural and proper aspect of human consciousness and instinct. But like most, if not all, elements of human consciousness, it tends to get distorted. Anyone have a different definition of fear?

When it goes with a extreme sport, it can be feeling alive. On a rollercoaster or something like that. You know there is no real danger on a rollercoaster, but it still gets your adrenaline pumping.

I’d be more inclined to say it’s a biological reaction to danger.

I’m reminded of de Gavin’s “The Gift of Fear.” I’m saying that fear keeps you safe.

Fear is not evil. Our two most fundamental functions of consciousness are fear and affection. I use the term affection in a very broad sense.

Fear could be instinct? Fear is instinctive, yes. We start with two fears from the very beginning. One that affects us our whole life, though we come to largely ignore it. The fear reaction we have from loud noises.

It has been seen as one of the hard wired / instinctual behaviours. Our deep seated emotions are hard wired into our awareness.

I’m not sure it is a belief, so much as very primal behaviour. When a dog reacts to your fear of it, then that is primal? It is primal, but like all aspects of our awareness, it can mutate. Become enmeshed in a web of ideas and interpretations that makes it behave in anything but a positive way.

Like a phobia? Yes. Phobias are a product of this trend of mutation in human consciousness.

Usually something traumatic triggers it, right? I once heard a saying that I agree with. One who fears nothing, loves nothing, and actually fear can be triggered by thought alone. In today’s world, that is the primary source of fear.

Those who show great acts of courage often give fear the credit. Yes. Fear can serve a life affirmative purpose, and if it took only its natural shape, that is the only purpose it would ever have. The mystery of fear has its origin in thought. This has even been neurologically established, scientifically. To the degree that your frontal lobe is active, your fear reflex is modified. Moderated, and mutually complimentary. The fear process itself ignores the frontal lobe all together, but it receives its triggers from memory and imagination as well as the senses.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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