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To dismiss something because it seems obvious has been the source of many grievous errors even in the most concrete disciplines.

Seed of Fortune in Fortune


We, in western thinking, are unbalanced, feeling materialistic gain is more important. This is why things are struggling so badly now. What happens with people who try to hoard or withhold things of value? How well does a miser live?

A very crowded house. Crowded to the point of denying them the benefit of the house. Yes. They have so much they have nothing. Strange, no? How can that happen?

People hoard out of fear? A fear that arises from misunderstanding and confusion. Unclear awareness is unclean awareness. Another word for unclean is insane. They feel they must secure their own sufficiency through “things.” But no one can secure their sufficiency through things. Only through merit, only through virtue can that be done. Consider fortune as a seed as the force I call fortune manifests as seeds as well as other things anyhow.

A seed has worth, yes? If you plant it it brings forth fruit, and if you just keep and eat the fruit because it’s “the only fruit you have”, what will happen? Want, even famine. What do we have in today’s society?

A lot of want and famine. Why?

Want for acceptance, freedom. We have a famine of caring. Perhaps because people have come to believe that worth is in institutions, in money and nations and territory, in abstract ideas and the “principle” of any random thing. The war on drugs, the war on terrorism, you name it. It’s the principle of the thing or so they say.

Anything that doesn’t see primary merit will have some degree of negative impact. Anything that has worth only because it “fixes” something else actually twists and poisons it. What would happen if we didn’t fix things? I don’t mean repair. I mean fix, as in try to replace or reconfigure, repurpose or remodel.

Dead cars can become cool art work. They can become building material for houses or material to shore up land against erosion.

A garbage society learns to quit, to take out the trash. Out of sight, out of mind. Loss of worth, loss of fortune.

It’s very hard to see a corpse. I see corpses all the time. I walk on them everywhere I go. They call it soil.

We lose fortune when we don’t see intrinsic value? Yes. Fortune, and the web that sustains it, is innate to our world. All that life can be and will be is already here, but we lose that context when we lose respect for ourselves and the life that we are a part of. Everything that you have is borrowed, and when you pass back into the cycle of fortune all that you have ever owned will be used by someone or something else. Why things go wrong is people lose sight of where their actual choice is to be made and what that choice might mean.

The people who gain money from luck (win the lottery) lose it quickly because they don’t see the value and merit in things. They splurge it all away so they can’t keep good fortune. Those who get rich from a lot of applied effort see the value and sustain it. Yes. The successful have attained that success by taking a big picture view.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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