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Identification of form. Form arises from spirit. Not spirit from form.

Touch Grass in Consciousness


How are we affected by electromagnetic fields? Are they really harmful? We are effected by them according to the intelligibility and coherence of their signal pattern. An even balanced electromagnetic pulse from the heart or eye is soothing, but some of our machines can create what amounts to repetitive stress injuries to our energy system. These fields are not harmful by themselves, but neither is extreme physical effort. But undertaken without any balance, the consequences are perhaps obvious. Without exposure to most of the naturally occurring electromagnetic fields (this is especially true in the case of women), the build up of “static” can compromise our most basic functions of awareness. Stated more simply, we need to touch grass and lean against trees. Sit on rocks. We need the contact with their energy of consciousness.

They ground us? They balance us. They link us to the broader circuit. The Gaia mind. You can’t actually ground the energy of consciousness because there is no place that has no consciousness energy. No place for extra energy to go to, but what does happen is individual minds are recursive circuits. They go in circles like the little processes that go on in your computer that most of us never pay any attention to.

Sitting on a rock or under a tree can be so relaxing. Indeed, it can. Without opening the circle of our own minds to the Gaia mind for reference, the content of our own consciousness becomes corrupted over time. The evidence of this has been demonstrated in sensory isolation experiments.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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