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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Virtual Mind in Consciousness


The common view in the majority of the scientific community is to see events of consciousness as random. All thought and feeling and thus all human behavior as events arising from the playing out of physical forces. You feel angry because there is a physical construct that pre-dictates that you are capable of anger, and this construct is stimulated in a mechanistic sense. This is the basic idea.

Our organic forms and the sense organs they include have observable behaviors. These in my theory arise not from random chance, but from the definitions created by the interplay of the observer effect in action between observers. Beauty is not in the eye of the singular beholder, it’s in the eye of all beholders and thus is heavily flexible. Much of this is showing up in neuroscience which just makes the intuitions of philosophy all the more amazing, don’t you think?

Now we have tried and failed to put a human face of the transpersonal, on that facet of life and reality that isn’t confined to or defined exclusively by any single consciousness. Some people would disagree with that statement, but in my observation most people are to some degree frustrated in trying to relate to or in any way know the mind of “god.”

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Unless that single consciousness is the sum total of all consciousness’s. Well, consider this… Remember all of those consciousness’s I described earlier? There are subtle variations in degrees of potential expression between any two minds. People often hold perceptions and beliefs that are in the neighborhood of each other, if not actually identical. This is why there isn’t a single artist on the planet but many. No single scientist, but instead many.

No single teacher, but many. Exactly. For each of these potentials they recognize and interact with each other, gravitate to each other. So though the potential is held across different minds, it still forms what could be called a virtual mind, a force of pattern that behaves like a mind.

Hologram? Yes, or archetype if you prefer, and this hologram of potential would survive any single example of its pattern, be for all intents and purposes immortal. Perhaps a god? So this god like pattern would survive and influence reproduction, and these patterns would have preceded even the existence of humanity as we know it, arising from inter-species affinity. Figures like Anubis or the Native American spirits.

We didn’t create them, we just discovered them? Yes. The same as we didn’t create ourselves as we exist in this form. We just discovered this state of being.

I’m struggling with the ‘meaning’ in all of this as I guess I’m a product of potentials. I feel like I’m afloat in a sea of quantum foam. Ok, excellent point. How do we recognize meaning when we perceive it?

Its relationship to other things? Yes, or rather the sense of direction or process it provides. It lets us feel like we know what is going on. You as an individual observer are a part of a process. From what I said earlier, was it clear that no single mind creates reality, but that it exists between all minds and virtual minds? And that what manifests is a story created from the “dictionaries” of all those minds?

Is my mind as powerful as the observer mind? Yes, it is. The purpose of the individual observer is editorial control. As many neuroscientists are putting forward now, you may not have free will, but you have free won’t. You as an individual observer order the expression of your personal potentials and by a process that scientists call conformance behavior, or if you prefer a collaboration effect, affect the order of expression of other observers as well.

Like an interactive novel? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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