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Thought creates. All creation is revelation.

Be True in Betrayal


I am a huge fan of superstition. I believe in it with all my being.

The literal definition of the component words that went into the word superstition just meant surviving belief. But my belief in superstition requires principles for superstition, reasons and motivation behind it. Superstition is surviving belief, and good superstitions should have that quality about them, survivability, and they should further our own survivability.

People spend too much time obsessing over what I consider a delusion, facts, fiction, truth, imagination. They are useful concepts, but I feel them to be imaginary.

Studies show the superstitious are more successful. Does it matter if you have your facts straight, if you are well and happy and self-fulfilled? In those select instances where some “fact” may matter, it will surface in your not being well, or happy, or self-fulfilled.

What I am offering is that your virtual reality may be more valuable than any possible “absolute truth” that may or may not be out there. The fact that your mental box isn’t made of concrete is actually necessary for your good health and sanity, and all human innovation came in the face of a world that gave no obvious evidence of the possibility of success. In the world of the Wright brothers, no human beings flew or could fly anywhere. In the world of the Isaac Newton, anything like lightning was impossible to harness.

So being betrayed can be an opportunity to re-examine our own virtual reality? Yes. You are the server waiting on service from a client. You are the mainframe waiting for permissions to operate from an unauthorized outside source. I’m stretching for metaphors, but do these make any sense?

That would save a lot of friendships, that idea of embracing the chance to rethink ideas. We teach people how to treat us.

Does that go with Karma? It does go with karma. Karma works like a principle of electrical engineering. Yes, you may be able to design your personal virtual reality however you want, but the consequences of your use of energy will always show up in the workability or unworkability of your intentions, your beliefs and assumptions. In the end, we are all using the same energy, and we as individuals do not independently dictate how this energy behaves. Life is bigger than any of us. This is why life seems to have a life of its own.

So metaphorically speaking, betrayal is noise when you could be listening, silence when you could be sharing, apathy when you could be acting, abandon when you could be hoping.

Well to wrap up, I would like to paraphrase Shakespeare, as I really like the sentiment he expressed. “To your own self be true, and as night follows day, you cannot be false to anyone.” Much wisdom can be expressed in simplicity.

And with that and with all sincerity, Namaste my friends.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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