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To affirm life is to respect its cycles. You can offer no disrespect to the departed by living vibrantly.

Feel the Pulse of Life in Premonition

Is it best to practice random acts of kindness? Yes, and I can say from personal experience. I have been no great success in life. Not ridiculously wealthy, or famous, or privileged, but many times I have avoided harm by having seen that effect and living according to it. Even spared a sibling of mine who is not a very pleasant man. Angers people routinely, but when he was living in a place I lived before he did, they discovered he was my brother and chose to excuse him with the warning that they would not tolerate misconduct. Not for his virtue, but in respect of me.

How do we tap into seeing this more and notice premonitions? You tap into it most basically with empathy, feeling the pulse of life. Don’t ignore another’s mood, good or bad. This doesn’t mean you have to act on it but do be aware. See if you can feel the mood of your community. The way immediate events change and shift. It is like the flow of blood in your own body. In Chinese the spirit of a place is called its Wa. Wa was once seen very literally, but it is still used in feng shui to this day. Not offending against the spirit of place, whether you like that spirit or not.

Sometimes when I meditate insights pop into my head, knowledge. It’s there to be seen. Knowledge isn’t contained in peoples brains, nor events in their bodies. The domain of action and interaction is bigger, more broad.

If you could see and experience all permutations of reality, would you go mad? Oh, potentially yes. It depends on how you define that. It would change you, and you would likely develop ways of coping. Seeing the commonalities in event matrixes, etc. The event matrixes spread out and become less visible. This is why you experience déjà vu, you were on the same wave length as the alternate you. So though you didn’t see or do that before, you actually did. It splintered off from an earlier event, and just came later for you than the alternate.

Events can and do fission enough to clear the vista of events and they never have equal weight, not exactly. It varies as much as color does in matter. You can develop an eye for events. An events’ weight changes because of their innate energy, and the energy is alive. It comes from life and goes to life. We all add to it with our choices like energy magnifiers. No energy is ever lost.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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