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There is truth in the world. There is a way in the world. As Sting said, “There is a deeper way than this.” And it is expressed in stillness.

Influence of the Universe in Astrology


How exactly do these planetary bodies ‘plug in’ so to speak and influence me? They are large scope or macrocosmic influences, and as things move them they move literally everything else. Like how we have more storms during sunspot activity. So in astrology they seek to see these large scale forces on a human level.

The planets make waves in the ‘field’? Yes, they bend time space, and we are very concerned ourselves with time space. You might say it even defines our reality, but they deal with more delicate rhythms. It can even very likely be distorting our astronomical observation, but our “clock” still works. Acupunctures use it, as does Dim Mak. Your pulse. Your life force. The energies you absorb and thus reflexively the energy you put out, follow observable rhythms.

I also came across evidence that the speed of light in fact differs across different time periods, not to mention places? Yes. They are having to adjust observational equipment for that very reason.

Biorhythms? Actually, yes. In a sense, the season and the moon you are born under do set where you are on the yearly cycle and what you can learn is influenced by it. The mood in your infancy affects your development even on a purely sociological level, if not metaphysical.

I always think that we are constantly bombarded with space dust too of different metallic compounds. It’s got to influence our molecular levels? Yes. The aurora at our pole has seasonal fluctuations.

Each planet is a combination of minerals and metallic compounds, and each of us are influenced by more or less. Does our diet reflect that mixture? Yes. In acupuncture they ask your date of birth and blood type, and not for the obvious reasons. Hence in China they are big on ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ diet influences, also earthy versus watery. All of their diet advice is based on it. In Japan they aren’t surprised at the American obesity epidemic. According to their connections to O+ types, the most common type in the USA.

Does the moon affect any being that contains fluids? Yes, most particle physics testing requires a liquid medium to even let us look at it, so all of our systems energy cycles. The moon is just a very clear indicator of what’s going on in our gravity/energy well. Evidence suggests now that earth wasn’t even the parent body in our little system. Physically it seems that the moon was the primary.

The moon effects women and our sensitivity to the female estress cycle effects us. Giving us a shorter more frequent hormonal cycle. So the moon effects males also, and in many ways more so. Testosterone is a steroid. Lunar roid rages anyone?

I’ve heard about the Sun being a source of spiritual regeneration and raising of consciousness levels? Have you heard of the photo repair effect? They found that radiation damage on a small scale can be reversed by exposure to what amounts to solar light. If one has only mild radiation sickness, solar quality light therapy can heal it. So I think yes, though I don’t think all respond the same. I daresay the seemingly inexplicable symbiosis between plant and animal life is not incidental. Our sun worshiping ancestors weren’t morons. Maybe not deep in their understanding, but not stupid either.

Do you personally believe that the black hole at the centre of our galaxy, and our solar systems alignment, are significant factors? Yes. I believe that the old tribal observations (even before calendars), and the seemingly mysterious awareness some African cultures have of constellations they can’t see, is from this connection. The conditions closer to the galactic center seem much like the conditions the human tribal cultures describe at the beginning of the world, even having seemingly aqueous plasma bodies or “water”s.

Does that support the theory our galaxy is expanding not detracting? Actually neither. The factors involved in cosmic string theory and dark matter equations suggests that the zero point resonance is more of a cosmological constant. Breathing and balanced. Too bad they didn’t take ganzfeld readings in the Philadelphia project. Have you observed a strange seeming sense of acceleration in life? Having nothing to do with technology or culture change? Like weird sleep habits and weird changes in your sense of self?

We are all Californian now? That, in a sense, does seem part of it. A lot of our worlds communication networks seem to be localizing on the west coast of the USA, and some prophecies describe a continent that at the time wasn’t known.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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