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Your literal reality is part of the math that’s being done. You are the value that the universe is trying to get a sum for.

Manifestation and the Self in Control


There is a lot of popularity to the concept of manifestation, but it is poorly understood. It is like telling people to think of pink bunnies though nothing motivates them to think of pink bunnies. Expressed in the way they do, it has little power because it sees only part of the nature of what it presumes to control. We don’t manifest negativity only because we don’t know better. We don’t express these negative things only because we have been conditioned.

I think a lot of people manifest negativity, and they manifest negativity because of their idea of control. They don’t seek to manifest life. They seek to manifest control. Static things, dead things and then they lose power and blame it on manifestation. You don’t manifest in the world. The world as described doesn’t even exist. You manifest in you.

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People seek self control. Self has to be what they think it is. If not then all control is lost and they are sorely afraid. Self is alive and as big as the world itself. Self control doesn’t come from tyrannical dictation. It doesn’t come from ignoring what you don’t like. It comes from understanding. Understand what you manifest as well as how you manifest. Understand how these things relate and connect. You don’t need to be a scientist. This understanding is in you.

When you see a thing don’t say “maybe” that’s what I think it is.  There is no maybe. For you it is what you think it is, understand why. All of your beliefs which are persistent perception, they are your effortless point of view as is the nature of the human mind. Like the heart it doesn’t have to try to work, but if you experience pain in your heart you seek the reason why. Why not the mind?

Your views are your reality and they don’t arise without reason. The mind is very interconnected, very coherent. This is why reality seems to be seamless. Your thinking is seamless. So if something troubles you, the power isn’t outside of you. The troubling power is in you. Why do you trouble yourself?

People are not inherently masochistic. For the literal masochist even they aren’t masochistic. The pain is pleasure for them. When something troubles you it’s because it isn’t in harmony with your soul, your core nature. Don’t blame the bad relationship on the other person. They did have their hand in it, but what matters to you is what brought you there. If misunderstood it’s a certainty you will be there again. Leave a machine running without your awareness, and it will keep running and often not to your benefit.

Why do we leave reality running like we do? Why do we say that’s reality and not me? Where do you exist if not in that reality, as part of that reality? Why do we dismiss dreams as unreal? Or impulses? Where did they happen and how can they happen if unreal?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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